Search function on firecube not working

I don't know if this has been discussed before. I did search the topic and did not find any information.

The search function works fine on my firesticks and ts4k with all versions of the app including beta and alpha. But won't work on any of my firecubes with any version of the app including the latest release. Search also works fine on my atv4k release and beta versions.
The firecubes are the newer models less then 3 months old. I'm wondering if this is a known issue or if I have something setup that is messing with channels in my firecubes.

Where are you searching from, and what do you see on the screen after the search?

Searching from the side bar menu search is under library (on now) (guide) (library) (search). I get the search box and can bring up the keyboard and type. But searching a show or movie even if its on later today bring up no results. The same search on my other devices bring up the expected result. I am running the same alpha beta and release versions on my fs4k as on the firecubes. I am typing in identical searches. I've been playing with this all morning on 2 firecubes. Everything else works the same way on the firecubes as the fs4k in the app. I want to move to the firecube for the larger buffer 3hr vs 30min.

Very strange. I have a cube here I can try the same test on Monday.

I think @Edwin_Perez is using cubes. Does search work for you Edwin?

Ok thanks. It's not a big issue for me, I don't use it often. I only noticed it because a recording was interrupted overnight due to a power outages and I was looking for the next showing.

Search Does work for me I am using the Alpha.

Here is what I found. In the alpha I can get the search to work if i change playback decoder from hardware to hybird. This doesn't work in the beta or release versions only the alpha.
Even in the alpha it only works until I reboot then I have to change to hardware and back to hybrid. I get the same result on 2 cubes purchased around the same time 1 from Amazon and the other from best buy.
If you think I'm crazy that's ok. I would to. Just wanted to give my result incase anyone else ran into this.

I tried all decoders and the Search Works

Thanks it must be something I setup in the cubes that I don't have in the fs4k's. My next move will be to reset 1 cube back to factory and only install channels. If that works I'll test after each additional app is installed to find the problem.

Search is really unreliable sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. So I can se the OP having a problem. I think part of the problem is when you select next on the keyboard it appears that sometimes it is not sending the select command or enter command. It seems like it loses focus on the entry box.