Search guide by specific channel


I'm sure this has been requested and answer but couldn't find it on the forum. Anyway to add the ability to search by a specific channel to see the upcoming guide? Example: Click on Hallmark and search upcoming guide material. DTVNOW has this function and is very helpful. FYI, TVE addition has been amazing! If Lifetime was an option with my provider, I wouldn't have to use any other app.


Are you requesting this on the web UI, or the client apps?


web UI...easiest to set recordings on.


I'd like to add some basic filtering search syntax sometime.. so you could search for "channel:123" on the search tab and have it return results for a specific channel.

Not sure when I'll get a chance to poke at that however..


One thing you can do right now is use a paused advanced pass as a saved search with filters. See discussion in A few uses for Advanced Passes


Sounds great. Thanks for the consideration on this. Love the apps!


LIFETIME ... I am able to view this with my DIRECTNOW Credentials. But looks like Channels does not support it. Maybe they can. I do not watch this channel and my wife has not mentioned it but would be nice if supported if possible.


There is no live stream on Lifetime's website. The link you provided is to one specific episode.


Sorry. I see that now. I went from the Schedule which said "On Now" and went there to watch it and it was what was on my DTVN. But I can see now that it is not the same as LIVE TV.