Setting Channel Order/InfiniteScrolling Guide

New to Channels. Trying it out on Fire Tv (eventually moving to Android TV). Couple of things holding me back from fully committing:

Setting Favorite Channel Order
The ability to set (Move) favorite Channels to a preferred order is not an option on FTV. Support was made aware of and has acknowledged the issue.

No Infinite Guide Scrolling
Don't like the idea of having to scroll all the way back to the top of guide.

Can any of these issues be addressed on my end - some setting(s) I'm missing?

Really like this service & am looking to make this work. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

Guide ordering can be achieved by using Channel Collections, managed from the server:

With regard to the scrolling issue: there is no setting or option for wraparound/infinite scrolling. Such a feature has been oft-requested, and the developers are aware of such requests. Whether it is on the roadmap is not something that has been definitively discussed.

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Also, as a helpful tip to using Channel Collections to order everything:

I just figured out that you once you add a station and want to move it, you can click on it, hold the click, and instead of dragging it you can use the PgUp/PgDown and arrow keys to very quickly move them into place.

This would have saved me hours during my initial setup if I realized it then! When you have HDHR + TVE + Pluto + Stirr, the list can get quite long, even when hiding 2/3rds of the stations.

That's a good tip. Thanks

Good to know. I hope that feature will be available at some point.

My thanks for the response. Much appreciated

It is because adding quick scrolling to android would be a feature only for androidTV, and most features are developed first for AppleTV which doesn’t need this because ot already has quick scrolling.