Shield intermittent green flashing on screen



When watching back recordings I have noticed every so often a green flash on the screen. I have two independent setups and it happens on both, it’s only milliseconds but quite annoying any one else experienced this



How often does it happen?

If you watch the same recording file on a computer or player like VLC does it happen there also at the same point in the video?


Thanks for reply, plays fine if I use file on pc or even on Plex

Flashing is random



When it happens in the Channels app, if you rewind does it happen again at the exact same spot?

Is it happening once a second? once a minute? Once an hour?



It happens probably once every 3 mins, just checked it does seem to do it at the same time



If you have a short recording which shows the problem please email it to me ([email protected])



Ill try and record a short video 5 mins, smallest file i currently have is 1.9GB, suspect thats to big?




Video clip sent



Thanks I received the sample and I see the same green flash here. I will try to figure out what’s causing it and fix the bug.






Don’t know if the following is helpful but some more testing

Flashing happens on live tv as well as recorded

Does not happen on all channels and only on certain Hd channels

I.e flashing on UK ch4hd but not ch4sd, no flashing on BBC 1 hd

Hope that helps



I would just like to add that im from the uk and have the exact same problem on the nvidia shield. It only often flash’s green on hd channels. I also get some kind of frame skipping every so often while watching hd. I am just using the live channels, I am not subscribed to the dvr.


Did this start happening recently, or has it always been like this?


For me I have only had channels a few days and always done it, but obviously others may have been using it longer, but I haven’t seen any frame skipping



A new beta (v124) is available with a fix. You can install it by opting in on


Hi. Using the new beta the problem still persists.


Please go to Player tab and submit diagnostics for the video


Ok, diagnostics submitted.


I see your shield is set to US instead of GB so the workaround isn’t kicking in


Ok I have just change the language on the shield to uk and restarted the shield so I will retest.