Shield TV - Go to Last/Current Channel When Exiting to Guide

My Shield TV is the primary (go to) device for Channels.

I also have a Chrome Cast w/Google TV as well as a Tivo Strm 4k. I noticed on both of these devices when exiting back to the guide (from whatever I'm watching), the guide starts at the channel I was just on. I like that. It's convenient.

My Shield will go back to the first channel in my guide. Is that feature not available for Shield, or is there a setting I need to enable/disable in settings?

It's been on my mind for a while

Sounds like it's receiving a double-keypress when you hit back. The first Back should go to the previous channel in the guide, and a second Back will go to the top of the guide.

I'm not double pressing. Just hitting the back arrow once.

I know. I was implying that the device is acting as if the button was pressed twice, not that it actually was. The thread referenced above seems to be the same situation you are experiencing; you may want to follow along there.

This solution fixed my issue.

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I'll give that a go. Thank you.
I do have developer already enabled. I'm hoping it doesn't require me to reset my device though

That worked! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Seriously though, thanks

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