It’s been a couple maybe 3 years since I set them up previously, but need to do it again. There was a permanent thread that had the workflows for several basic shortcuts to use with Channels. Pause, unpause, tune to a specific channel. I can’t find it now. I did a search for Apple shortcuts and looked in the Hacks thread, because that’s where I thought I found it before. Would appreciate it if anyone would point me in the right direction

Check out the API page of the Channels support website:

Scroll down to the bottom to the Siri Shortcuts section.

Thank you !

The links in the Siri Shortcuts section give me an internet error. Perhaps Apple moved them?

Siri Shortcut support has been added to the latest TestFlight Beta. You can use these to launch things on other clients, so gone are the super complicated Shortcuts using the API manually :tada:

More here: