Show day-of-week and date on guide grid

Would be very useful when navigating the guide grid.

With the 14-day grid, it's easy to become confused on which day and date is being viewed.

With the day/date displayed on a line above the time line, confusion is eliminated.

See image for exactly what I'm requesting.

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As a new Channels user coming from Tablo, it's simply awful not having day & date not shown on the Channels guide grid.

And, I may be wrong, but this seems like a fairly easy modification. Please add this request to your "To-Do" (soon) list. Thx

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Now over 3 months later and no change.

As of now, only 12 votes for this feature request. Apparently, 12 votes is not sufficient to justify the effort to make the enhancement. Frankly, I'm surprised it's not a more popular feature request.

As I said in my original post, I assumed this would be a pretty simple change to make. Either I was wrong or no one really cares - except me (and 12 other users). Too bad.

The information seems to be shown in my guide, although maybe not in a format you prefer.

If you Scroll right to another day you will not know what date you are on.

Are you saying I don't know what the date is today and tomorrow is Tuesday (it will be one day after today)? I see the days of week listed and when I look at the guide for next week, I see the dates listed. It doesn't seem confusing to me at all.

Where are the dates listed if you move forward say a week is the numeric date shown ?

Can you tell me what date this is ?

Here is what I see:

It is Wed. of this week which is two days from today.

The UI is not Consistent if the Date can be seen a week from now why not in the current week.? It is obvious the code is there. Heck I am retired did not even know it was DEC 4rth LOL.

I totally agree.
I hate the displays that say Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Thursday, etc.
Put the friggin' date there already. I LOVE how they did the web UI Calendar and can figure out Today must be Mon, Dec 4

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Being retired myself, I agree with you. I don't always keep track of the date, but I almost always know the day of the week. Exactly why not having the date on the guide for the current week, doesn't bother me. In fact, it helps me know that it is the current week when the date isn't displayed.

I asked for the ability to jump to a date and time, as when navigating the guide into the distant future is an aweful experience. Been about 2 or 3 years.

IIRC, the date is handled by the OS and how it displays the locale's short date.

You seem to be missing the point.

I only see the day-of-week and time-of-day on my grid.

When I "fast-scroll" horizontally to look ahead a week or two it usually is not clear if I'm seeing ~5-6 days from now or ~10-14 days from now (without seeing the date). That's a problem!

And, why do you see the date and I don't??

If you never see any dates, then your system has a malfunction.

On the grid you should see, the current day will only list the time. The next six days will list the day of the week, along with the time. On the eight day from today, it will start listing the day of week, the date, and the time. Look at the picture I posted, do you see the date information?

Yes, I see the date information.

You are correct re the days that have only day and time followed by days with day, date and time (beginning on the 6th day from today).

So, today and the following 5 days show only day and time. After that (6 days from today) I see day, date, time displayed correctly. That's good! Unfortunately, the grid "freezes-up" after scrolling to the 13th day from today (can't scroll forward or backward). ???

I'm questioning the logic of not showing day, date, time for all days displayed on the grid beginning with the current time. I mean, why not? What's the downside of doing so?

Probably like racameron pointed out, it is smart way to let the OS handle the time, so different languages and countries are handled properly.

I'd bet the day-date-time is included in the IPG/EPG data accessed by Channels app.

While that data itself is in the EPG metadata, how it is actually presented in the app's UI is up to the OS. By letting the OS handle formatting the date, the data never changes, but how it is presented (DD/MM vs. MM/DD; days of the week in your locale's proper language) reflects your expectations.