Show sort order not alphabetical

Is there any way to adjust the sort order in the alphabetical listing of recorded tv shows? I'd like to have it ignore articles in the show name. For example "The Blacklist" is listed with the other shows whose names start with the letter "T" rather than "B". Also it would be nice if capitalization was ignored. An example is the show "black-ish" and "mixed-ish" are listed after shows starting with the letter "Z" rather than with the other "B" and "M" shows.

If it makes a difference, my Channels DVR server is running Ubuntu 18.04. Clients are Android TV and Android tablets & phones.

I didn't realize capitalization affected the sort, too. This is quite similar to a request I made last year:

Thank you for pointing out your feature request. I didn't see that when I searched. I added another vote for it.

This will be fixed in the next beta/alpha builds for Android.

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