Shows not marked as watched

Several times a week shows that I have watched are not marked as watched. I have seen this behavior both when I allow a show to play to the end or when I back-out of the show close to the end. I think this was a problem a while back that seemed to be fixed. But it started happening again several weeks ago. It's possible this only happens with shows I start watching while they are still recording, but I don't think that is the case.

I submitted diagnostics for an occurrence of this when "KTLA 5 Morning News at 7" ended this morning. cd50ccdf-d9ee-4e2e-ad6f-26f1f3193ff1

I think if you don't make it to within like 30 seconds of the end, it won't be marked Watched. I tend to go in and mark them manually just to make sure. I'd honestly rather it be this way, than marking as watched too soon.

When I manually back-out I always skip to a few seconds before the end first. I think the threshold for marking as watched is supposed to be more like a couple of minutes.

I've noticed if "watch next" doesn't appear (which it won't if there's nothing to watch next, but if there is) it won't be marked as watched.

I have auto play turned off so I don't get the watch next button. Typically, there is only one episode of the show that ended, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the problem with shows where there are multiple recorded episodes.

I've also had this happen a few times over the last week or so.

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Hmm, I think this appears even when Auto Play is disabled. If you don't press the button, when the video ends, another video does not start.

There are three autoplay settings. On, Prompt (which will display the bottom of which you speak) and Off. I have it set to Off.

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Unless it's changed since this post, here are the numbers...

Not sure if these changed the numbers

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I'll be damned, I have Auto Play set to Prompt.

I can confirm these are still the same.

The difference for imported content comes from the fact that credits are treated completely different on broadcast tv than from what you’ll see with imported content.

Movie credit can be up to 10 mins long these days on movies. When they’re on tv, they are very much shortened. Same for modern tv shows.

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Regardless, you would expect that a show that had played to the end would be marked as watched.

Sure, clearly something is happening here. I was just clarifying.

Submit diagnostics from the android app after something doesn't get marked as watched. That's the only way we can figure out what's happening.

I did. See my first post.

Thanks for the diagnostics. Possible fix in beta apk going out later today.

Thank you. I'm not inclined to install client betas, so I'll patiently wait for the next stable release.