Signal strength indicators

Signal strength indicators would be helpful uned each channel in the list in settings. I live along the fringe of two separate cities reception zones. 50-60 miles northeast or southwest on my house. Signal strength indicators for each channel would help decide with city to favorite. Also it would be helpful in evaluating different antennas more objectively determining witch works better. Even just semi accurate “bars” would be helpful.

Check out the “Signal GH” app on the App Store.

Thanks. I’m always impressed by how quick you all respond. The app you recommended works, but it doesn’t see all the broadcasts that Channels sees. It would be nice if that information was included in Channels, instead of having to buy another app. I have yet another antenna on the way, so it will be interesting to have a more objective comparison.

It should see all the channels that channels sees, because it’s just connecting to your HDHR devices. Do you have multiple HDHR devices and possibly need to switch devices to see the channels?

I think it would be cool to see that kind of data on the app too, so there isn’t any harm in asking, but I understand if they don’t because it’s outside of core, and the problem was solved with the other app.

I agree this would be very very nice to have in Channels, and is definitely something that’s been on my mind for the last couple weeks.

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Just 1 networked tuner, HDHomeRun. I found some of the missing channels when I would rapidly switch applications and it would show up in Signals GH as locked in one of the tuners. Then I could check the box to force it into the list. Broadcast channel 5.1 maps to their 47, and other odd mapping. It could be the threshold for auto adding is set to a high signal strength, which somewhat defeats my effort to find the best of the worst (weak) signals I have out on the fringe.

Signals GH works much better on my iPad than the ATV. They have a map with the towers labeled as to what they are broadcasting. For us on the fringe, if it would give us a compass heading and distance it would be great. Still would be nice if it was all rolled into Channels.

Found the compass heading and distance. Pulling in Channels from 106 miles


I don't seem to receive a station I expect to receive. I get every other station from that location and distance, so signal strength in Channels would help a lot with my troubleshooting,

BTW, loving Channels + Channels DVR so far!

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Look for HDHomeRun Config GUI for MS-Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It shows only one channel at a time, but it does work.

However, if you're not receiving the channel at all, it won't show up, because HDHomerun Config GUI, like the iOS app, is simply telling you what the tuner sees. Same with any signal strength indicator Channels would incorporate.

The results of TV Fool, along with noting the channel in question, would help us help you.

Hi Jim

Thanks for the reply. My fault, I should have been clear - I am not receiving the channel at all. TV Fool has the station (KOFY-TV, channel 19, virtual 20.1) at 313 true and 49 miles from me. There are several channels in that range and direction that I receive quite clearly. I’m still learning the effects of the other data on TV Fool, but the other stats seem comparable as well. Is there any other data I can reply with?

Post your TV Fool results.

might be a silly question, but it's a chart. Or am I missing something in TV Fool?


It's an educated guess based on the location you enter and the known location/specs of all the available transmitters near you.

Channel 19, for you, is 50 miles away and '2 Edge' (something BIG in the way). 'LOS' means Line of Sight and that is your best bet. You can work 1 and 2 Edge signals sometimes, but not without a lot of Arial Aluminum, trial and error, hard work, and dumb luck.

The chart basically tells you, you'll get 5 channels quite easily. ALL the rest will require various amounts of tedious labor and expense with no real guarantee of anything good.

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thx for that information. What I don't understand is that I get other stations in that direction and distance and with 2Edge but not the one in question. Is that just the breaks?

What are the other stations your getting from that direction and distance? And what are you seeing in SignalGH or tuner status?

Pretty much.

You can throw large amounts of aluminum (made into a magnum antenna) at the problem in the hopes that something good happens... or you can just write it off. The good news is it's winter and if there are any leaves in the way, they're gone. It ain't gonna get any better in summer... that's certain.

Would like to see this ability with Android TV app.
Or at least, some thing come up when the OTA channel breaks up due to signal strength issues.

Signal strength, in and of itself, isn't necessarily meaningful in digital OTA TV. I've had stations with solid signal strength have issues and stations hovering right around 50% be as solid as a rock.