Simple recording conflict display for Channel Plus (DVR)

First, I want to state I'm not a developer/coder and ask is this possible?

Just thinking out loud in human terms what I would like to see, so I don't have to constantly go through the recording schedule to see if there will be recording conflicts due to lack of resources (tuners).

I know sometimes things that seem simple to us in human terms are very difficult to implement in computer algorithms (i.e. sometimes your brain is better than a computer), but computers should be able to do the heavy lifting and relieve us from this repetitive/monotonous type of thing.

Thinking about a simple event driven DVR resource conflict assessment and how I would do it on paper/spreadsheet, etc.

Resources are tuners available to the DVR to record from.

Events are scheduled recordings only (ignore LiveTV, demand recordings and outside of DVR access to resources).

Just display potential conflicts (resource depletion) based on assumption we have total control of resources and no resources will be used outside of scheduled recordings.

This would be a good start and I'm sure what most would like to see, since everything else is outside of ChDVR's control.


Three resources in an HDHR Prime (3 tuners), add resources as available (more tuners/etc.) and prioritize according to rules.

Res# Time slots (per second) 86,400 per day available to all resources
Res1 from second#1 to second#86,400 use time slot for channel#, or whatever to track reservation of time slot by resource. If a new event occurs and this resource is busy, schedule it for the next higher resource. Letting it overflow past available resources shows the conflicts.
Res2 overflow from Res1, follow same rules
Res3 overflow from Res2, follow same rules
ResO Conflict - overflow from Res3(MAX)

Note: Back-Back and overlapping recordings using the same resource (channel) are already being handled by Channels Plus (DVR).

Just wanted to start the conversation to see if it's possible and what the resource depletion display might look like in Channels Plus (DVR).

Would make it so much easier to see where (zoom in on) the conflicts are and manage them manually without having to scroll through two weeks of the DVR schedule using it's display to figure where the conflicts might be.

Would even be nice to just view the recording schedule like the EPG grid guide, with only scheduled recordings (including their padding) displaying on a horizontal time axis like the time slots on the grid guide and only channels used for the scheduled recordings on the vertical axis like they are for the current grid guide.

Would love to see this implemented as an Experimantal feature on Channels Plus with the disclaimer that it only can forecast what it was told to record. This does not account for any other activity outside of that Channels environment, including Channels web ui, LiveTV app or other client access to the resources outside of Channels Plus control.

I just recently started using Channels DVR because of the demise of Windows Media Center.

I was surprised that C-DVR does not have any warnings for conflicts. I didn't find out there wasn't one until I saw the "!" icon on some recordings.

the conflict warning on WMC was something I found to be very useful. first WMC would look to see if there were multiple showings to reschedule a recording if possible. if not WMC would let you know and ask you which program you wanted to cancel to correct the conflict.

WMC also notified you if you were watching live TV and the tuner was needed for a scheduled recording. you would have the option to continue watching live TV (which would cancel the recording) or allow WMC to change the channel for the recording.

If one could "Think outside the box", consider other resource management systems like hotel room/conference room/camping spots bookings where they are the limited resources and the Events-guests/attendees/campers are the demand on that resource. I'm sure software has been designed to handle those?

I found you need at least 2 Quatro Tuners ... to have a smooth running OTA DVR.

Absolutely agree we need conflict notifications. It would need to determine both when scheduling recordings and shortly before any start so it can inform any live watchers which could change the live tuner to doing recording as default since live viewer could have fallen asleep. I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SPEND ANOTHER $200 ON A SECOND NEXTGEN TV TUNER!
They could also add a condition in passes to drop or cancel this recording if tuner needed for other recording. They would also have to account for tuner type (ATSC 1.0 or ATSC 3.0) for us US customers.