Skip Commercials button chopped

New to Android TV and noticed that for at least part of the time the Skip Commercials button is chopped off. I'm on Beta (102.19.2353).

Yea...i mentioned that long time ago...happens randomly.

Agreed. This is one of the many GUI issues with the Android TV version. The guide has many oddball bugs; overall it's working, but I wish it were as polished as Apple TV version.

Which android tv device?

For me it’s a Sony X900H tv

I used see that all the time on the Nvidia Shield device. However, I now use the auto skip feature so I forgot about it since I don't see the button anymore.

Yes, same thing happens on new "Chromecast with Google TV". Sometimes the button isn't even there at all, and I am hitting buttons on the remote wondering why nothing else works LOL.

This behavior and the button being cut off has always been happening. Thought it was normal.

I notice the same thing with the button missing. Android is definitely not up to AppleTV quality, though close.

Same issue on my Nvidia shield.

I don't really care too much that it's chopped, just being new to Android TV I wanted to point it out. Guess it happens to everyone. What is annoying though is the many times that no commercial skip button shows at all even though it is clearly there, because pushing right won't jump forward but hitting the middle button will skip the commercial.

I find it easier to set commercial skipping to "Manual". That way, no button ever pops up (which is especially annoying when the commercial markers are incorrect and it pops up during programming). You can still jump commercials using either the Skip/Next buttons, or a double-press of either Right or FF.


I'll check my settings when I get home. I was unaware of the double-press but it explains why sometimes I'd skip a whole section of the show.