Skip to bottom of TV guide or fast scrolling

I have been using two Apple tvs for several years and I have always had a love/hate relationship with the apple tv remotes. The older black touch style seems to not like quick skipping.

I have now been using a firestick max and I really prefer the simple directional buttons on the Amazon remote. The only really annoyance I have is that the guide always goes to channel 0 and it takes a good 20 seconds to hold the down button to get to the bottom of the guide (TVE channels). I realize there is no page up/down buttons on the remote but is there a reason we cannot press up on channel 0 to get to the bottom of the guide? or perhaps is there an existing trick that I have not found?

@maddox had the best idea last year... simply have the guide circle back to the start when you get to the end or vice versa.

Presently not. However, Page Up/Down (or Channel Up/Down) on remotes that have them do page through the guide quickly; additionally, those button do cycle through so when the last channel is selected, Page Down will bring you to the top of the guide.

It up cycled to the bottom then you wouldn't be able to get up to the filter

The way I get to the filter is from the guide go left to the menu and then right to the guide again this seems to always take you to the filter.
I prefer this way because you can get to the filter regardless of where you are in the guide.

I've never even considered this workflow.

Perhaps it's because I want my guide to always so all channels, so I disable categories/collections on that screen. But if this is indeed the case that you describe, perhaps there are additional UX issues to consider ...

(However, I still stand with Aman's reasoning about reaching the upper tab bar via an Up keypress.)