Slow buffering or video playback on FS4K

Intermittently on my main tv I get stuttering when starting a program. If I watch the program on my iPad or phone it works fine, but on the fire stick 4K it gets hung up buffering. The audio works fine but the video is rendering at very few frames so it is jumpy. It also doesn’t happen on all fire sticks and not on all shows which is odd. I also tried to use the fire stick to watch an mkv file and it did the same thing. I have gigabit mesh in my house and that tv Speedtest shows around 250mbps so I don’t believe it’s a network issue.

Sounds like the fire stick itself bogging down. Does rebooting the fire stick temporarily fix the issue?

Tried that. Some shows it works and others it doesn’t. Seems to happen more when I watch or record from my cable card (HD HomeRun)than when I watch tv everywhere. Last night I was watching live tv on TBS (Big Bang reruns) and on the cable card it began to stutter. Switched over to the TVE TBS feed and worked fine.

Please try the beta apk via Settings > Support

Stutter for me also it’s basically an unusable app all seems to be since the big fire stick app update.

Not even playing DVR recordings now just a loading timer.

Log file sent

@tmm1 I just submitted diagnostics. Was happening on the beta app as well as the live app. Again only happens when streaming from the HDHomeRun and the feed is fine from a web feed. I tried the Roku native HDHomeRun app and don't see buffering there and it only happens when watching the tv for a while or when trying to play certain recordings. I bought a new hard drive thinking it was a hard drive issue.