Slow channels changes & slow loading of "on later"


I recently switched to using Channels DVR server on a Synology NAS, connected to 2x Amazon Fire TV sticks.. Everything works, but a few things have been a bit temperamental.

  1. My live tv channel changes used to be pretty much instant, now channel changes take anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds to load & play.

  2. When using the FireTV client app, when I want to view "on later" loading times are quite slow - I recon 20 - 30 seconds minimum before anything is displayed.

I've checked everything obvious I can think of - Network is ok, server speed tests to clients ok, NAS is healthy, channel lists up to date etc. Nothing has been added / changed on my network, nor have any firewall, permissions etc changed, my FireTV sticks have been reset, no changes. Also my TV channel lists remain the same - I havent added a load more live tv channels.

Yesterday evening I decided to try running Channels PVR on Kodi & also setup my "movies" & "tv show" libraries in Kodi as a test - Live TV loading is pretty much instant. Playing movies & TV shows is also instant, so is making me think the hardware side of things is all ok & so is the Channels DVR server?

Im not sure what has changed / why channels DVR client app on FireTV is running slower than it used to.

Any help would be appreciated.


Does On Later load slowly on the DVR web UI?

How is tuning speed there?

Thanks for the reply.

On later via the web UI loads in 8 seconds. Much faster. I forgot to mention in my previous post, on later sometimes doesn't even load on either of my FireTV sticks, saying something like "no content available for this channel".

Its 8 to 9 seconds on the web UI for loading & playing live channels - But its always been like that for live tv on the web UI for me. When ive used the FireTV app in the past, the channel loading & playing has been lightening quick, especially when tuning my SAT>IP channel list. SAT>IP & HDHomeRun seem to be much slower.

Thanks again for your support.

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Ive just tried loading on later "tv shows" via my AppleTV box (instead of FireTV). Came up with a message saying "nothing seems to be on later".

Ive just tried again loading on later via the web UI & nothing is loading, just a circle spinning.

You didn't happen to change the client option Playback/Streaming Quality to Stream instead of Direct.


Thanks for the suggestion - Just checked both clients, both set to stream "direct" & "original" for quality.

Just to follow up on this - Im still having issues. DVR Server loads without issues, but on Fire TV, its very intermittant.

Since writing this inital post, ive done a but of testing / upgrading to see whether this improves the "on later" function with no joy.

Ive loaded the DVR server on another PC (with decent hardware - My original setup was the the DVR server loaded on a Synoligy NAS) and also upgraded both Fire Sticks to Toshiba TV's with the latest Fire OS & still no joy.

Shame really as I really like the 'on later' function. I use this a lot (when it works) to setup recordings.