Slow to switch M3U channels

I'm experimenting with M3U channels and seeing slowdown in switching channels (5-6 seconds)

With another app (iPlayTV) I'm seeing channels switching using the same M3U source of 1-2 seconds where as channel switching with the Channels I'm seeing between 5-6 seconds.

I have Channels DVR setup on a Synology NAS using the package available (as opposed to the docker container) ruling the latest pre-release and using 'Original' in home streaming quality although changing this doesn't make a different. This happens on both iOS and tvOS apps.

Is this a general issue and is anyone else seeing this or can someone share some tips to improve responsiveness?


I'm running the same set-up as you with a Synology NAS and running the standard included Channels DVR package. I have the latest prerelease, and use the Beta client version 102.2.124, and set to play at original home quality. I'm not experiencing any delays in channel changes on my M3U tuner or any others. My channel changes are taking about 2 seconds, although they seem to take about 3 seconds when switching channels on the HDHR tuner. My channel switch time seems to have remained consistent through various releases. I am using an Android based client though on Nvidia Shield.

Thats very interesting, I did wonder if there was any 'processing' being carried out via the DVR software to make things slower but sounds like there should be no overhead in this situation judging by your results.

Because I'm seeing 'fast(er)' switching in the other app (iPlayTV) is may be down to the version of Channels I'm using, did you say you are using the current beta version?

Yes, I'm using the latest Beta version. I always use Beta so I can have the newest things as they come out. Maybe give that a try and see if it helps.

Just tried the latest Channels DVR beta on iOS (2.15.1545) and no obvious changes in responsiveness of channel switching, still around the 6 second mark.

A little confused by the betas tbh as I have Channels DVR beta, with the build number above, and I also have the Channels App Store version of 4.4.1... Is there a different beta for the App Store version or is Channels DVR and Channels essentially the same app?

Is the M3U using HLS or MPEGTS?

HLS as far as I know.

Submit diagnostics from the app after the slow tune and we can take a closer look.

Submitted just now.

Thanks, I see the problem.

Great. Is this a bug or a problem with my setup?

Hi @tmm1, any update? thanks.

Your HLS server seems quite slow. The logs show it took 5s for the first video packet to reach the player. We are still investigating.

Ok thanks for the update, If the server being slow is a potential issue how come the other app I used isn't seeing the slowdown? The switching is 1-2 seconds with iPlayTV app on both iOS and tvOS.

As I said we are still investigating.

Appreciated, my reply was more rhetorical as slowness of server didn't see to be at fault if other apps are ok. I'll look forward to hearing the results of your investigation.

Please try the new prerelease (v2021.02.18.0044) and let us know if there is any improvement.

I seem to already be on a newer build, this is the only latest version available in TestFlight for iOS.

Update your dvr to the prerelease via the Check for Update drop down.

Ah my bad I assumed you meant the app.

Updated to the latest version as above, no obvious improvement seen is speed of switching channels.