Small but persistent bugs


You have to join on an iOS device and then it will add tvOS too.


Thanks, with the beta I'm no longer getting channel logos or guide data, just the name of the channel is listed in the guide. I'm using it for remote dvr only through tvOS.


When this happens a gain, could you please go to Settings and submit diagnostics? Thanks.


Done. It did the same on iOS but populated after a min or two, on tvOS it took about an hour before it populated and after a force close is back to showing just the channel name.


Submitted on iOS as well after force closing.


Thanks a ton @Jmcguire525! Your log helped me track down the issue. I've resolved it and am pushing up a new beta right now. You'll get a notification from TestFlight once it's ready.


updated but still have the same issue, submitted two more logs (one with the issue and other after the guide populated).


Please try the latest beta


Looks like that fixed it along with the false "no tuner" errors. Thank you!


Still one small issue, when you first install the app it still doesn't bring up the guide data after connecting to the remote DVR. After force closing once it works and everything is good, only affects the app right after it is installed and connected.


Good catch. Should be fixed in the latest beta.


Fixed... but now there's other unrelated issue that I'm seeing. When I start a channel is loads with the initial buffer period 3-4 seconds (black screen) then goes to a grey screen for about 2 seconds, then a "blocky" video stream with sound for a second before clearing up.

The grey screen and "blocky-ness" only appear when the video is transcoded (may have been present for a while but deleting the app to test is the only reason I didn't have it set to remux). I also want to bring up the initial buffer time, I know we spent a while working on that a year or so ago and I still believe the default should stay as is, but with further tcp tuning I've found that some users may benefit from it being a user option in the DVR. You can see in the video how much quicker I am able to tune to a channel remotely using TVHeadend (with HDHomerun added as an IPTV tuner.