Sofabaton remote with Fire Stick 4K

I'm looking at getting the Sofabaton remote to pair with my FS4K. Will the channel numbers on the remote work in the Channels app? I'm looking for a similar experience to the TS4K remote. I tried the TS4K but ended up returning it since it was always in HDR mode even on non HDR channels. The colors looked really bad on my 4K TV compared to my FS4K. But I liked being able to press the guide button, enter channel numbers and press the Live button for previous channel. Can these things be accomplished with the Sofabaton when paired with the FS4K?

Yes all can be accomplished .. I have it and can control my sound bar ,TV, FireTV and Google Chromecast TV ... It can learn from any remote and control over 15 devices. It has both IR and Bluetooth.

Awesome! Thanks! Looks like I'll be ordering one today.

One thing I like is when I switch from FireTV to GGTV it disconnects Bluetooth from fireTV and automatically connects to GGTV and vice versa seamlessly.

How do you like the GCTV compared to the FireTV? The TS4K was OK, but it seemed to lag more than the FS4K. A lot of times I'd have to hit a button and wait about 5-10 seconds before it would register. The FS4K doesn't do that.

They are both abut the same ... my main System is the New FireTV cube with 2 Echo Studios for Atmos sound.