Solid blue screen on streams

Every once in a while on my Apple TV 4K I'll be watching Channels and I start getting a solid blue screen on all my streams. It happened yesterday when I was watching a NASCAR race that was still recording. I fast forwarded a bunch of times to get through a caution and on one of them, the screen turned solid blue. After that, ALL streams on all channels or library playing to that Apple TV was solid blue. I had to restart the app on the Apple TV and it was then fine. It seems to always do this when I'm fast forwarding a bunch of times. It did it several times this weekend. Anyone else seen this? Its not a huge big deal because if I don't go crazy hitting FF then I don't recall it happening so I just need to be patient.

I would recommend submitting logs from the client after restarting it when this happens. Also, it would probably be helpful to know which video driver and interlacer you are using (in settings).

OK, I'll do that the next time it happens and post again here.

We've had the same issue the past month or so (plain Channels TV app, no DVR) when fast forwarding a show we've paused and is still recording. Has been both a blue screen and green screen. Happened again last night (latest release). Will also try and submit logs next time.

Is this with the Experimental Video Decoder? Diagnostics will be helpful.

hint hint :slight_smile:

I uploaded diagnostics yesterday when it happened. I need to verify my settings and not in front of the TV right now.

Yes, using experimental de-interlacing. Default audio & video.

I'm the same settings.

Any update on this? I've submitted diagnostics twice and not heard anything back. It seems to be happening more frequently now on our ATV 4K, but not on the HD one I don't think because my wife hasn't ever mentioned it and she usually watches that one more. They have identical app loads.

Turn off experimental deinterlacing.

OK, thanks.

After quite some time this has just started happening again – using experimental de-interlacing. Default audio & video. Latest version.