[SOLVED] 2021.10.29.0103 - The Windows firewall is blocking incoming TCP traffic to the DVR

I found older posts about Windows firewall but this seems to be different.

First time today opening the DVR page after it updated to version 2021.10.29.0103 and I'm seeing this message on top of the page:


I see two entries for Channels DVR in the firewall settings:


Is this normal?
Should I check all the boxes?

This is a bug. Please submit diagnostics and I will fix it.

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Logs have been submitted as 915dbb0f-22e5-4ab7-94e7-3f1b26aa6b3e .

Can you screenshot the main windows defender settings page where it shows Public and Private sections


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Thanks. Please try the latest prerelease.

Try v2021.10.29.1854

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You've done it! :clap:

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