Some channel logos missing

I seem to be missing some, but not all of my channels logos. This started recently but I am not sure when. I first noticed it earlier today.

I searched the forums and found two other threads similar to mine but the handling for those doesn’t seem to work in my situation.

I have stopped and restarted the DVR from the web page but that didn’t change anything.

I checked my HDHomerun app and all the logos are showing just fine there.

It may have happened from the other day when I moved my channels app folder to a different folder on my hard drive. Could there be a corrupted file there somewhere?

I am missing NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, CBS and WMOR TV. The logos that are still there are the CW, METV, MYTV and the MOVIES! channel.

Same here. I’m missing about 2/3 of my channel logos. I think it started around Friday. My lineup is GBR-1000040-DEFAULT.

Images come from the cloud. It’s possible there were some server issues with our provider. Are the images still missing? Do the appear on

Still about 2/3 of logos missing for me. I’m unable to check on zap2it as it’s US only.

A bunch are missing for me also, but appear to be working just fine on :man_shrugging:

They are still missing here and I just checked and they are showing up there for me as well.

Confirmed logos are missing your lineups. I have reported the issue to our provider.


Any news on the missing logos? I noticed a bunch have been missing from my lineup as well (UK).

They’ve acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix. I’m waiting to hear back on an ETA.

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This should be fixed now. Please open the DVR web UI and click the circle refresh icon under your HDHR.

I’ve been missing logos since I started…there’s a few of them…NBCSN is one…the others are SUNHD , CNBCHD , TRVHD, CNBCHD and a few locals… I checked Zap2it and they are missing on theirs as well. How do I fix this? Do I contact them?
USA-FL09403-X is my guide.

There is a contact button at the bottom of zap2it site

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Ok thanks

I went ahead and contacted our representative as well, but you should contact them too and hopefully they can sort it out quickly.

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I sent zap2it an email letting them know what channel logos were missing… Thanks for helping on your end! :+1:

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When I go into the guide, the channel logos that were missing appear for a few seconds then disappear again. I’ve tried refreshing the guide…its random…they will appear and disappear. I checked the zap2it site and there isn’t logos for those channels still. I find that odd lol

@tmm1 my logos are still not showing up for a few channels…ex: NBCSN,Travel Channel. What I found out is… If my DVR is not connected (logged in) all my logos appear. When I connect my DVR my channel logos disappear. It’s only about 3 or 4 channels this happens. Any idea why the DVR would effect the logos?

If I’m not mistaken, Live TV only pulls from Silicon Dust’s guide provider, while DVR pulls from Channels’ guide provider. Whether they are the same provider or not, I don’t know.

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Thanks! I think you are right. I tried again… Disconnected the DVR and all my channel logos appear. I connect the DVR and the select few logos disappear. Very odd… Not a real big deal just kinda weird.

About 1/3 of my channel logos have gone missing again. They've been missing for about 2-3 days now. My lineup is GBR-1000040-DEFAULT.

I've also noticed a few logos have been updated where the text in the logo is now 'see-through' (ie, instead of text in the logo being white, you now get the purple background coming through which makes them very difficult to read). I've attached a screenshot from my iPhone but this is also happening on the Apple TV. Have a look at the BBC One and BBC Four logos as examples.