Some stations not showing up in Channels guide

I am running HDHomeRun Quattro and Duo (current versions).
My DVR is a Mac Mini (current version hardware & software). I have TVEverywhere.
Channels DVR and Channels app on Apple TV 4k (current version TVOS).
Have Philo and Youtube TV (current accounts and logged in).
History channel shows up in Philo app but not in the Channels guide.
Also there are 3 Hallmark channels on Philo app and only 2 show up on Channels guide.
These channels do not show up in list for choose favorites either. I have 5 TVs and all of them are missing these channels.
All other channels appear to be showing up properly in the Channels DVR app.
Is with is bug or am I doing something wrong?


No bug. Only 2 Hallmark channels are available (regular and mysteries, no drama). History (and all A+E Networks) offer no live streams, so they are not available.

Please search the forums for similar questions before asking, as these points have been asked and answered many times before.

I had searched for some time with no luck in finding the answer to my problem. Sorry if I missed it.
So I'm not sure what is meant by "History (and all A+E Networks) offer no live streams, so they are not available.". I know that History channel does offer a live stream through Philo and I am watching it right now on Apple TV. The Philo web site also lists History channel as available on TV Everywhere. I am also able to log into the Philo web site on my computer and watch live streaming of the History channel. So what you are saying does not make sense to me.

It is confusing, however, far as I understand it, there are stations that have normal "TVE" streams that Channels supports, and others that are exclusive "TVE" APP access streams via their own apps.

In the latter case, your Philo (or whatver login credentials) works to log into that networks propitiatory app to view that way, however, there is no way for the normal TVE connection that Channels uses to access that.

Case in point, Discovery Family or Nick, I can watch those networks in Philo app OR via the Discovery Family app or Nick app using Philo login. However, there is no supported "TVE" stream for channels to use.

Here is links to the Philo thread.

So you are able to go to the History website and watch live?

Your understanding is a little bit off. In order for Channels to support a network via TV Everywhere, all of the following conditions must be met:

  1. The network must participate in the TV Everywhere, allowing access to their content using your cable or streaming provider login credentials.
  2. The network must offer a live stream of their linear programming on their website. This does not include their archive of TV shows, or the full episodes they post after initial airing. (This is the reason why History and other A+E Networks are not available.)
  3. The address where the live stream is accessed must remain consistent, and not constantly change or redirect to interstitial locations. (This is the reason why NBCSN was removed.)
  4. The provided live stream must be a standards-compliant stream. (This is the reason POP is no longer available; there was something weird with they way they were providing audio in their live streams that made them difficult to decode.)

If a network's website does not meet all four of those conditions, then there is no chance it can be integrated with Channels.

Thts kinda what i meant.

But there is posts of the confusing of sites that folks link to that say said provider supports TVE APP login, for example Discovery Family. That is not TVE for channels, but is for the app way to watch it.

Second, Philo has a graphic thati posted here before, that states that "Sign in with TV Everywhere" is available for Nickalodeon and A%E. But, here on Channles forums, says they are NOT TVE, and have no such TVE stream.

It is a confusing and specific topic, cause many folks dont even know what the heck TVE is and assume that cause they can find a live stream of the station in some fashion, link via app, then it should work with channels.

I find this very much like how many users confuse/don't understand, in the mobile phone industry, the difference between, Factory unlocked, and SIM/Carrier Unlocked devices.