Sometimes Only Partial Grid Listing


Yup. Happened just w/in the last couple evenings. I think it refreshed itself after a couple seconds or so.


Okay. If it refreshes within a few seconds then that’s normal. It sounds like for non-DVR users it’s not refreshing automatically.


Your assumption sounds accurate if it’s something that DVR users have auto-refreshed but basic users may be missing for some reason. The glitch is exactly like the the screenshot you showed. In my experience it happens just as much when first opening the app as it does while already in the app.

Do you have a way of easily making me a temporary DVR user to see if it does in fact resolve the issue? I can report back on my findings.

If you have other easier or preferable tests/fixes, go ahead, but just a thought.


One work around is to go to the Tuners tab, click and hold on your hdhomerun, then select Refresh Device. Let me know if that works.

Also next time you see the issue, please go to Player tab and click Submit Diagnostics > Guide data and then let me know when the logs have uploaded.


I uploaded logs on the issue a few days ago. I also have already found that going to the tuners page and rescanning for tuners performs a bit of a refresh on the system and usually results in the guide repopulating when I go back to it.


Okay please let me know right after uploading diagnostics so I can check them.


Okay, Ill post a reply here immediately after submitting next. Ill have the family tell me when they see it.


Just submitted (4:06PM EST). Family member was showing only partial data that went up until I believe 6:00PM EST airings.


I’m releasing v2.0.7 which should fix this issue. Let me know whether its fixed or not after your device updates to the new version (probably overnight or tomorrow morning).


Glad to hear it, but the update hasn’t gone through yet. When it does I’ll be sure to give it some time and notify you if the grid issues or slo-mo/audio issues are still there or not.


The v2.0.7 build just got approved, so it should propagate soon.


I was hopeful, but unfortunately it was brought to my attention that once again the guide is getting cut in half at random times. 2.0.7 build and all.

I’ve also noticed more often than not we’re only getting 4-5 hours of data and it doesn’t allow to move any further right.

I submitted guide diagnostics at 11:31pm EST.


Only four hours of data are available without DVR.

I have an idea of how to fix refresh issue for next version.


Just a data point, in case it’s useful. Came out of a channel. Partial guide. Waited. No change. Sent guide diagnostics. Back to menu. Unchanged. Went into guide. Refreshed itself and all appeared.


I have this issue – is there a solution or fix? I go into the Grid nothing – I go in a refresh the sources – I get one channel. At some point I do get a full grid but have no idea what triggered it.


What device, app and app version number?