Sometimes Only Partial Grid Listing


Sometimes, when exiting a channel, we’ll get only a partial grid listing (the current and next program for each of the listed channels) and the cursor/selector jumps, when you try to navigate up/down, making it impossible to select want you want. Exiting the app and re-entering restores the guide.

I’ve seen it at least twice today. Once early this morning and again just now.


Hm, I haven’t seen that one. Can you try to capture a quick video of the “cursor jumps” next time it happens and email it to me ([email protected])


Actually, more accurately, it just plain disappears. Yeah, I’ll take a video next time it happens.


+1 on this


I’m testing a Beta that is alleged to fix this.


This is what I have with the Beta:

However, if I go out of guide view, to say, “On Now” then go back to Guide the guide is filled correctly.


If you wait a minute or so does it load in eventually? Or if you move up and down?


I do not believe so. I will pay closer attention if it happens again.


Was it like that after you finished watching something?


I’ve got whatever the latest Beta is, and was running the previous Beta since this (well, yesterday, now) morning. I haven’t seen any issues with the grid guide since then, save once: When I briefly went into a channel, then back out again, right about on the hour, the guide was broken. The selector would be on a certain program and channel. When I tried to go “up,” the selector would just plain disappear. Go back “down” and it’d reappear where it had been.

There was a narrow margin of increased black space to the left of many of the guide entries.

I went to grab my phone to video it. But by the time I got back, a minute later, the guide had refreshed itself and the problem was gone again.

I suspect it was into that black space the selector was going. My guess is some of the guide’s program logic thinks there are still entries there, but the entries are no longer rendered on-screen, so the selector simply disappears.


Just to add some of my findings to this…

The broken partial guide does happen quite a bit on Fire TV. The ‘fix’, though it’s random and not 100%, tends to be to navigate around to other pages, or sometimes keep moving the selector around and waiting for a while. I haven’t been able to look at it much or pinpoint a specific situation in which it happens, but it’s definitely there and needs to be looked at.


@dcburnquist What model FireTV are you using?

So far it seems the issue is isolated to non-DVR users, and perhaps only occurring on legacy devices running FireOS 5.


(raises hand…) DVR User, here :slight_smile:


Fire TV 3rd Gen (pendant)


Experiment I performed tonight tends for confirm my suspicion.

I waited until the turn of the hour came around, then backed out of the running program to the guide. Sure enough: Narrow black space to the left of some listing rows. The highlighted selector would appear if I moved to a row whose 1st entry was right up against the channel column, and would disappear if I moved to any row with the narrow black space to the left. Then, if I moved right: Voilà, the highlighted selector would reappear.

As I was experimenting, eventually I watched the guide refresh itself, the narrow black spaces on the left side of some rows went away and so did the “disappearing selector” problem.


Any update on this? It’s set up in my parents house and they’re getting a bit frustrated by the quite common lack of guide data.


No updates yet, I will have some time to investigate further next week.


Is this happening when coming back to the app from the video player, or when opening the app after using the other apps?


To me, I think it happens only when returning from playing something.


@jseymour Are you referring to the same issue as the screenshot in Sometimes Only Partial Grid Listing

I know you mentioned a separate focus issue above but that deserves its own thread.