Sony TV Local dimming not engaging with Player

@tmm1 The Sony TV, when using built in apps, disables local dimming when paused usually or in the menu of an app and once the video starts it engages local dimming, For some reason I just noticed that the current releases and betas are not engaging local dimming.
I don't know if its new with 2.1.21+.

I tested a recorded content using the MPV Player for Android and it works fine. Only in the menu and when the OSD is up does Local dimming disengage.


MPV Player

What is local dimming?

On a LED Backlight TV they control the LEDs in zones to increase the contrast ratio.

My Sony TV has separate settings for each source and also HDR and Dolby Vision. I learned this when setting my picture settings on my Apple TV and then opening something in the Netflix app that was in Dolby Vision and the settings changed.

Try diving back into your settings while you have the content paused and see if the picture settings are different.

I also have Channels on Android TV that is build in to the Sony TV. I’ll check shortly and see if I have the same behavior.

Yes I know, I perform TV calibrations and am very familiar. My TV is a 75Z9F. Do you post on AVS?

I have been watching shows at night recently and thought the dark scenes looked like it had raised blacks ,so I tested it. Looks like I was right.

I browse on AVS but don’t post often. I have a Sony 930E and haven’t noticed anything on mine but I watch everything through the Apple TV and don’t use the built-in apps. I do have Channels loaded on it though so I’ll see if it’s just effecting the built-in.

Yea it is only related to onboard apps. This has always been a thing with where Sony only engages Local dimming when apps are playing. These questions started popping up with Sony on AVS back even 5 years ago because people were noticing this effect.

I'm not seeing any mentions of local dimming in the Android SDK documentation.

I don't know but something in the app is holding back local dimming from engaging.

@tmm1 aren't you glad you have me around to find the Android TV faults? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:

I have an XBR85X950G and everything looks cloudy like that because of local dimming.

Your dark shot looks like my OLEDs, I’ve never seen my Sony look like that, unless the screen is totally blanked.

I don’t think your shots are evidence that Channels is preventing local dimming, which isn’t even a thing software has access to. It’s a system level thing that’s part of the picture processor.

The Z9F has 288 dimming zones and does a great job plus I have calibrated it. Not only that, I paid 6k for my TV, it better not look like the first photo.
That photo above is the exact same video paused at a scene change. One is using Channels and the other using the MPV app.

I'm being generic in my verbiage. I don't know exactly what's happening except that local dimming is not working as it should using the Channels app.

This is not a problem using an external streamer.... It's only internal apps that with Sony.

Local dimming is working on both Apple TV and the built-in Android TV app. I recorded a portion the LOTR: Return of the King and paused at the black screen right before the credits. You can see a slight light bloom right around the bottom of the screen but otherwise the dimming is occurring on the remaining part of the screen.

Apple TV

Android TV App

I have the picture settings mirrored for both inputs. I’m not sure what is causing the issue with yours.

That's interesting, what version of the app, what TV and what version of Android is ok the TV?

I played the same video on my AppleTV and FireTV as well and they were fine too. :man_shrugging:t2:

I am using the Channels DVR app on both platforms. On Apple TV I am running the latest beta version of the Channels DVR app. On the Sony TV, I’m running the latest version of the stable Channels DVR app.

My TV is a Sony XBR-55X930E running Android Oreo 8.0 and firmware 6.6555.

The Apple TV is the 4K version.

That app looks totally different than the version on my TV which is running Android Pie....that's weird. Oreo must use a different build.

@tmm1 @maddox
Here is another shot on my Apple TV and the on-board app similar to Josh.

I'm sure you can see the difference.

Android TV

AppleTV 4k

Looks like the new Plex player is doing the same thing.

Do you have earlier versions of the app I can test, like v2120 and earlier?


HA! I figured out what causes the issue! Local dimming works with Hardware Decoder and it doesn't work with Hybrid or Software Decoder. This explains where to look now BUT this doesn't line up with why MPV player in Software is working fine.

Ahh... And we can't use the Hardware Decoder due to the other buffering issues. One solution creates another problem. :grinning:

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Maybe that’s why I never noticed it on my Sony. I never use the built-in app and I also have hardware decoding enabled.