Sorting recorded TV shows into season & episode list


New to Channels DVR.

I've setup a few TV shows & wondering whether its possible to sort shows into a season list... i.e. S01E01, S01E02 etc. I've seen in the channels DVR server that its possible to sort lists by either air date or alphabetically, but not in season / show order? Is this possible at all? Or a work around to achieve this?


I'm pretty sure they are sorted that way for me. If I go into Recordings, pick a show, and then I believe its More that I select, it has them sorted by season and episode, from newest to oldest.

I also would like to see tv Shows grouped by title then Seasons. Right now if you want to play the first show of the first season you have to scroll through every show to the right.

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Thanks for your reply.

Ive just had a look at this... so mine doesnt seem to sort by season & episode, but by latest recording. So i may have S20E10, followed by S02E04...etc. Its in an order of date by recording not by season / series.

This may be a Fire TV thing then. I didn't catch that we were in that forum. I am not in front of my TV right now, but in the web view, it defaults to record order and there is a button to sort by season/episode. On my iPhone, it sorts by season/episode (called air date). I'm pretty sure same on my Apple TV. So I may have misled you because I'm not using Fire TV.

The Fire TV 4K (version 2.1.25) sorts by season and then episodes within the season. However, the season number is not shown. In my case, the Fire TV defaults to the last season and episode on the left and by scrolling through to the right hand "side" all the way back to season 1 episode 1. But, unlike the iPad app, the season number never appears. I wish the apps were similar, Fire TV and ios.

Yes I noticed that the season number is listed on the atv4k but not on the android devices. On the other hand recorded movies show the channel that is was recorded on in android devices but not on the atv4k. Go figure.

A little more investigation here. If the episode has a season number, episode number, and episode title from the guide, only the episode number and episode title appear on the Fire TV 4K. But if there is no episode title, the both season number and episode number appear.

For some recordings, the episode date below the thumb nail appears without season or episode numbers. Hard to understand just how channels uses the recording name metadata.

Random this...

My Fire TV doesnt seem to sort at all. Even if i try to sort recorded TV using the channels dvr server options. It keeps defaulting to newest recordings.

If i select a recorded tv show with mutiple episodes and mick 'more', i cannot sort anything.

Ive just had a look on my Huwawi Android phone - Shows are split into seasons with the latest episode at the top of the list. Yet this is not displayed the same on the FireTV app?

I tried the Search option in the left Fire TV 4K menu bar for the first time today. It "found" five of the most recently recorded episodes and returned them in order (most recent first). No order at all by season or episode number. And it did not return the complete list of recordings!

To find a recording, I have always used the Recent - Recently Recorded "More" button and then Channels sorts the TV shows title "Alphabetical" or "Recently Recorded." Once I find the wanted show thumbnail, then I click on it and the seasons and episodes are ordered left to right by season number and episode number with the highest season and episode number on the left. Scrolling to the right drops the season and episode down to season 1 - episode 1 on the right. It works for me.

When the show file name (for example, file name XXXX S03E05 2020-07-17.meg), I see the Season 3 Episode 5 beneath the episode thumbnail. Variations of what appears occurs. If the file name coontains an episode title (YYYY)Y as in AAAA S13E25 YYYYY, then I see 25. YYYYY beneath the thumbnail. Clicking on the thumbnail brings all the shows metadata (name, season number, episode number, episode title, and episode description) to the screen.

News shows, like the national morning shows, just show the date (July 17, 2020). Again, the order is most recent on the left to the oldest on the right. And various variations do appear for other recorded shows.

I do wish for a comprehensive manual for channels. In another life, I wrote specifications for software. Once you specify what the software is supposed to do, you can test it.

I don't know if the server hardware or software makes any difference. Channels runs on a 2018 Mac Mini - Mojave here.

This looks like a bug in the Android TV version of the app. When things are synced up with the new Apple TV Channels 4.0 features, we'll improve this and add the same sorting options present on tvOS.

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