Spectrum Apple TV remote

Anyone use this remote before? Curious how it compares quality/feel wise.

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Yes, I ordered two of them from Spectrum a few weeks ago, one for the living room and one for the bedroom.

I really like them. They are backlit. They are pretty light and plastic, but that doesn't bother me particularly. They are a bit larger than the Apple TV stock remote.

If you use the Spectrum app often hitting the guide button opens that app for quick access.

I am pretty satisfied and they are only 12.00.

The remote works well with Channels, including the Page Up/Down for paging in the guide and changing channels. The only caveat: the Guide button only works with the Spectrum app, IIRC.

If you only have the original Apple TV remote, the PgUp/Dn buttons might be worth the upgrade. If you have the new aluminum remote, the paging in the guide can be achieved with swipes, and the channel surfing can be enabled by pressing Up/Down on the D-ring; there is no real feature difference between the two.

Here's the original thread:

Thanks for the info. Not a Spectrum customer but just saw it on facebook marketplace (they wanted $30 though).

I have a half dozen or so of these; maybe more. The guide button will display the Quick Guide within Channels. The backlight feature is nice for using in a dark room. There is no touch pad like the ATV remote. Battery life is very good; I believe most of mine have been around for about a year and only replaced the batteries once in one of them.

All in all, a good replacement for the ATV remote. The absence of the touchpad makes the experience a bit more predictable that the ATV remote.

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Yet not nearly as precise when it comes to scrubbing on a playing video's timeline.

I've also found the touchpad on the new aluminum Siri remote to be vastly less sensitive than the glass touchpad on the older one. tvOS also lets you adjust touch surface sensitivity, as well as turn off touch surface tracking entirely, making it a click-only remote.

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If you come across another pair I could paypal you for a slight profit :wink: