Sports Channel Recording Priority

My favorite baseball team could be shown on 4 channels. See SNY, PIX, ESPN, MLB Network. I always want the priority to be in that order. How can I tell channels do do that?

Are you saying a game could potentially be broadcast on more than one of these networks at the same time? That’s unusual, but if so you could use favorites and source priority to do this I think.

Yes. It's happening tonight. Mets are on SNY (the local sports network) and ESPN is also showing as a game across the country. I set a pass to record games and the schedule showed it to record the game on ESPN. I did an advanced pass to set the channel to SNY, but when SNY is not carrying the game and it's on ESPN, the pass will not work.

You can set multiple passes, all for the same team, but each specifying one of your channels. Then arrange them in priority order. So, you'd create a pass, set a channel, then duplicate 3 times (each time changing the channel). Then arrange them such that the priority of the passes matches your channel preferences.

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Thanks. I did what you suggested and looks like it should work!

Much better solution than mine!