Stack Duplicates by guide bug

Stack by by guide data is not really working correctly it is stacking East coast and west coast ... For Example, it is stacking Comet OTA and TVE even though they have different guide data.

I thought I was missing some TVE east coast channels but not missing just stacked with West Coast.

2.3 Showing Gargoyles (1972)
6751 is Showing Beowulf (1999)

Yet if I stack by guide data 6751 disappears.

I now see that Stacking by guide data is not really a good idea.

@tmm1 any thoughts about this?

I am having the same issue on a Firestick with other channels.
Seems when the firestick is set to Stack by Guide Data, the stacking goes based off the Affiliated ID and not the stationID, causing all ABC, CBS, COMET, etc to be stacked even if they aren't exactly the same Guide Data.

Then with By Channel Number, the stations on the same channel number don't stack leaving duplicates.

Wow I reported this way back on Mar 8 guess it was ignored.

@maddox @tmm1