Still getting Connection Lost

I am continuing to have the issue of Clients seemingly randomly losing connection to the Server.
If I uncheck then re-check BonJour that always fixes it.
Sometimes it goes 10 days without any issue, then every day or so on various clients.
My Internet speed at the clients is fine, around 200 down.
Sleep: I have plugged in NEVER, Battery 5 minutes... could this somehow be the issue??
I don't see how.
I cannot ever see the pattern to the problem.
All boxes, Chrome etc are Green.
I have MalwareBytes running but it's always running and the computer never sleeps so not likely??!!
Wife is getting upset. !!
I have submitted this issue before, I would REALLY like to fix it.
Can I leave BonJour always unchecked and manually enter the server IP on each Client and it will be remembered?
--I think I saw that idea on an old post from years ago.
Is there a way to force BonJour to stop/start say every 4 hours, 6 hours at a certain time??
Thanks for any suggestions.

Can you give more details?
What clients are you running?
How are they connected?
What does your network topology look like?
Is your server running on wired or wifi?

You.can disable bonjour wjthout issue as long as you manually configure each client.

Clients: Firestick 4ks, Onn 4ks, all on wifi.
Server hp laptop, Win 11. Ethernet Wired to router.
Router is TP LINK AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 router.
I might try without Bonjour BUT
If I can get to settings page on a client that is not connecting it shows the correct IP address!
So…. Not sure that will do any good.

You can hard code the ip address in the client without issue but that may not be your problem. It wont hurt anything if you do that and disable bonjour

Other thing to try if that doesnt work is disable malware bytes and see if that has anything to do with it.

I haven't tried the "hard coded" IP in awhile but
When the problem arises and I get to the screen that says Connect to Channels / Try Again
and then the screen to manually enter the IP address it says, Server not Found.
I will try that again next time but I think that kind of tells me it won't hang on to a hard coded IP.
PLUS it usually shows the IP, and it is correct.!
I have to verify all that again but I think it is so.

If that is indeed what is happening, it sounds more like you have network issues, and not issues with Channels.

That's what I keep hearing, network issue.
But all I did with my TP-Link router is plug and play.
I did not change any settings. It's "wifi 6" capable but I do not have any wifi 6 devices.
And sometimes CDVR plays fine for days, like 10 days or more with no issues,
then it randomly acts up on a streaming box, one or more, but not all almost every day or so,
then works fine again for a stretch.
I have NO idea how to track that down.
If I look at the log when it happens I don't see any indication.
Often I do see "Preparing your TV" when I first click CDVR app on a box.
Not sure why it does that either.
It usually then works fine but sometimes when it does this it does not work until I uncheck/recheck BonJour.
What I really need is an AUTO "script" in WIn 11 or CDVR that will stop/restart Bonjour like every 12 hours.

If the IP is shown correctly and it still can't connect, then something is wrong with the router where it won't make the connection.

Maybe something else on your network is trying to steal the same IP and the router gets confused. In that case I would recommend a static dhcp entry on the router for your DVR PC and pick a new IP to assign to it.

I have just never taken the time to see how to set the static IP.
I do see on the Settings page that it shows two IP interfaces.
One is the server 192.168.0.nnn, I think the other is the HDHR
When I hover over that it shows "Ethernet 3" two times, in a black box pointing to "2 Interfaces".

HP HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14m-dy1xxx
windows Microsoft Windows 11 Home
10.0.22621.2283 Build 22621.2283 (kernel: 10.0.22621.2283 Build 22621.2283)
8 cores / 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1155G7 @ 2.50GHz
load averages: 0.00 0.00 0.00
7.77 GB
32.0% free
2 interfaces

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static dhcp reservation is done on the router. you can google the router model to find instructions.

Can i use the current IP address which hasn't changed in years as the assigned static IP address.
So I don't have to change all the devices.


I had seen this msg on one of the connection failures.
What is this:??
"2023/09/15 06:21:38 [Recovery] 2023/09/15 - 06:21:38 panic recovered:
write tcp> wsasend: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.."

It means your current IP address that hasn't changed in years, did change.
At the time of that error, your DVR server was using
Your screenshot above shows it using

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What does it show for the IP addresses under Bonjour?

Advertising dvr-desktop-fscjejc.local. via 1 network: []

What the hell.!!!
My notes tell me that on Feb.17.2023 my IP address for the Win 11 server changed FROM .206 TO .217
It had been .206 since I bought the laptop over a year before.
I just checked. ipconfig does say it is 206, as does CDVR on server Settings page and Client Settings page.!!
So it has changed BACK to the previous IP OR is changing back and forth.??
In the screenshot above where it says "2 interfaces" it only shows one actual address .206
I assumed the other 2nd one was HDHR but it does not show an address.
Could it be that is switching back and forth from the old to the new??
How can I see that second interface and delete the .217
Finally some movement THANKS... so far

Do what Aman mentioned and set a reserved dhcp ip address for your PC in your router.
That way the IP address will stay the same.

And I see the HDHR is this: HDHR-10B04598
I will do that as Aman said, looked at how to do earlier, but will try tomorrow.
But, is there a way to remove the .217, is that the 2nd Interface?
I don't even see that IP on my Router Network map... I'm NOT a network person.
Thank you very much.

.217 was probably what your router assigned to it before, now it assigned it .206.

You should also assign your HDHR a reserved dhcp ip address in your router.

If you want to see what ip addresses are used by your pc, use ipconfig /all at a command line.

I will keep the same two IP addresses for HDHR and Server but make them "reserved"
as Edwin_Perez commented.
Or should I pick new unique IP's?