Stirr for Channels

nocords is having the same problem with the STIRR GO program (same one as used in the Docker). I don't know GO well enough to debug the program, but it's clearly something in the incoming data (probably an errant " or ' causing the JSON error).

When the nocords STIRR GO program can't load, it defaults to the @matthuisman link below, but still replaces the grey-on-white logo images and custom channel numbers.

Oh yeah, I'm seeing this now, too, and that the EPG is running out fast (most of it is already past). I'm going to delete my Stirr for the time being so as not to waste your bandwidth.

Well, I got GO to install once and used it to deploy a pre-built program, so... I think it would take me a lot to figure out, too...

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I'm running a slightly customized version of the original Stirr generator without Docker that is still running fine on multiple platforms (Windows WSL2, RPI4 buster and Ubuntu 18.04).

[email protected]:~/channels-dvr/iptv/stirr $ cat index.log
2022/02/01 10:30:01 Beginning cache fill
2022/02/01 10:30:17 Found 110 channels in lineup, getting channel metadata and guide. This may take a moment.
Channel 8001 STIRR | National
Channel 8012 CHARGE
Channel 8014 COMET
Channel 8016 TBD
Channel 8030 Buzzr
Channel 8040 Chicken Soup For The Soul
Channel 8060 Nosey
Channel 8080 Circle
Channel 8100 STIRR Classic TV
Channel 8507 Stingray Flashback 70s
Channel 8508 Stingray Everything 80s
Channel 8509 Stingray Today's Latin Pop
Channel 8520 Karaoke
Channel 8530 Qello
Channel 8540 Classica
Channel 8549 DJAZZ
2022/02/01 10:31:55 Cache fill complete, loaded 110 channels with 2916 programs in guide
2022/02/01 10:31:55 Writing playlist.m3u...
2022/02/01 10:31:55 Writing epg.xml...
2022/02/01 10:31:55 STIRR processing complete
Last Run Tue Feb 1 10:31:55 MST 2022

If someone wants to do a compare, I can put this go src up.

EDIT: My version sets channel numbers via an 'offset'....adds 8000 to the original Stirr channel number.

This seems to have resolved itself. The docker version is working again. I turned it back on today and it works. So must be some bad data in the guide data or something.

I can confirm as well that my Stirr docker is staying up now and is stable, though I have yet to re-add it to Channels. I never turned it off, so it seems like something corrected itself for sure!

EDIT: I added it back and it remembered all by favorites/unfavorites, so that was so nice! And even though it gave them new channel numbers, it still understood where they were in my Channel Collections. All and all, seems a-OK!

I have been getting this same error on Synology Docker from time-to-time. The problem will resolve itself, then come back again - sometimes hours, days, or maybe months later. I've confirmed I'm using the "latest" image from DockerHub dated April 28, 2021.

The error causes the Docker container to crash. The container is configured to auto-restart. Restarts are continual up to the maximum restart interval (1 minute).
Log entries show the following "triplet" entries for each restart of the container.

Beginning cache fill
Found 111 channels in lineup, getting channel metadata and guide. This may take a moment.
..Error when filling cache unexpected end of JSON input

The number of "dots" before the word "Error" in the third log entry can vary per occurrence. For example, all the log entries in today's occurrence have 2 "dots". The number of "dots" from a few days ago was different.

I do wish robbiet480 could address this error or provide some sort of recovery in the container.

I'm having this issue now!

2022/07/08 13:10:18 STIRR_STATION_ID env var not set, attempting to auto detect local station

2022/07/08 13:10:20 Local station identified as national

2022/07/08 13:10:20 Beginning cache fill

2022/07/08 13:10:20 Found 111 channels in lineup, getting channel metadata and guide. This may take a moment.

2022/07/08 13:10:20 Error when filling cache unexpected end of JSON input

can anyone help???

I am seeing the same thing in my logs but the content is playing okay. So it is recovering quick in my case.

Yup... getting the same JSON input error here too...

A new version of the docker container is available with a fix.


It's working now!
Thank you!

Awesome! The new docker container works!
Looking at the log, it appears there is still an error with one of the channels. However, the new container now posts the error and continues processing the rest of the channels.
Thanks for posting the new container with the recovery code.

sadly, it still isn't working for me on my Synology 218+

A new latest image was pushed on July 30. Make sure you're running the latest image.

  1. Download the latest image to Synology Docker.
  2. Stop the stirr-for-channels container.
  3. Reset the stirr-for-channels container.
  4. Start the stirr-for-channels container.

For about the last week or so my stirr docker from robbie has not worked. It just keeps restarting in docker on my pc. Anyone else having an issue?

I seemed to have that issue, but I chalked it up to my image as being outdated as the last pull was over a year ago. I redid the setup and it seems to work now -- although there was a bit where it did a couple restarts before it came through.

As a reminder, you could also just use Hank's links

as robbie himself had mentioned in the first post...

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Yes, there was a bug in the docker code causing it to error out when there was bad data sent from Stirr. @tmm1 posted a fix for the GO code which avoided this error, which is incorporated into the links, but I'm not sure if it's been merged into the original docker repo.

Check the link above for the 'non-docker' links, I think it's discussed there about 1-2 months ago.


My issue did resolve itself after a few days & some restarts. I dont believe both the fix & original docker was ever merged.

this is weird ... when starting a fresh install of the container i'm seeing this

After some time it may or may not go away. When opening the link in Chrome, i get the 403 forbidden but opening the link in any other browser it works fine and i see Stirr data.

Browser problem? I've only installed chrome just for channels and have never used it as a browser so everything is as default as it gets.