Stop Channels When turn off TV

This may be a dumb question but when I turn off the TV via the FireTV remote Channels continues to play as the firestick is still fully on. I can see its playing via the channels dashboard. My 2 Google TVs stop playback from channels when I turn off the TV from there remote. Is there a setting i am missing to have this happen?

Its a TCL Roku TV with a FireTV 4K connected.

Is it playing live or a recording?

Can you submit diagnostics from the FireTV app after turning the TV back on.

Its just live TV. I am just watching any channel and then click the power button on the FireTV remote to turn it off.

While this is an aside, you might want to look into turning on CEC on everything. Then when you want to turn things off, power off your source (fire stick) to turn off the TV instead of trying to get the TV to turn off the fire stick. Basically, let the source(s) rule all.

I'm set up like this myself. I turn on AppleTV (source) and it turns on a receiver and the TV. When I'm done watching, I turn off AppleTV and receiver and TV turn off. If you go at this kind of stuff from the SOURCE end of the chain, you might find it easiest to get to what you want.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the help. I thought I had done this but there was 1 cec checkbox I didn't check that was causing this problem.

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