Stop PIP playback when exiting to Home screen

When I have PIP enabled the playback does not stop when I press the Home button so it overlays on the fire tv home screen and since there is no stop button on the fire tv remote there is no way to stop the video playback. If I don't have PIP enabled then the playback stops automatically when I press the Home button. I think it should always stop the playback when going to the home screen. To me that indicates that you want to watch something else.

AIUI, once a video is put into PIP, the OS controls it. Channels can possibly replace the video that's playing; but that is the extent of the control that Channels has over the PIP window.

When the PIP window is opened, it briefly displays a hint banner inside the PIP window (I know I certainly missed it at first):

Hold HOME to control PIP

Once the PIP window is brought into focus (by holding Home), one can use the directional pad to select the Close PIP option.

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Totally agree and +1 vote. I'd like to use PIP but I turned it off because of this behavior. PIP is too much of a hassle for the rest of my family when we want to shut the tv off.

Well, that sucks.

I guess that would work but it's still a pain in the ass. The Fire TV remote should just have stop button.