Storage Path can't see volume 2

I am running my DVR server on a DS218+ with 2 separate volumes and storage pools. Each physical hard drive is its own storage pool and volume. I separated the drives by 1.) DVR recordings and 2.) all other media (Plex, movies, music, photos etc.).

At some point I anticipate possibly getting close to capacity for the DVR volume (6TB Ironwolf drive), as it is just over 70% right now. I understand the concept of adding a storage path, but when I try to do so via the web UI, I can only add folders that are on volume 1. There is no option to select anything from volume 2.

Oddly, I can import movies from my Plex server running on volume 2 and Channels can see them just fine. I just selected the option to back up one directory level from "volume 1" and then could see "volume 2". That option just isn't there for the additional DVR storage path though.

See the pics from the web UI to illustrate what I'm referring to. Thanks for any feedback!!

Possible they haven't fixed the GUI yet.
See this topic for a discussion and workaround.

Ahh yes, that would be the same issue. I’m currently running DSM 6 dot whatever current version. Thanks for the info!

Can you try updating your DVR to prerelease?

Same problem here on DSM7. Please help, I really need to move the storage path!

Did you create a shared folder on /volume2 and give system internal user channels r/w access to it?
Are you trying to change the primary storage path, or add an additional storage path?

I did assign the internal user permissions. No volume other than Volume1 will show on the list. I have 4 volumes...

Are you trying to change the primary storage path, or add an additional storage path?

It appears the code that does the directory picker is different for choosing a local content path and choosing an additional storage path. The screen that lets you pick a local content path has the root directory as a folder at the upper left you can click and the one that picks an additional storage path does not.

Perhaps they could change the API call done
from http://x:8089/filesystem?path=/volume1
to http://x:8089/filesystem?path=/

I tried both, no luck.
Can anybody just look at this bug and let us select other volume on a Synology with DSM 7?
I'm very surprised this can't get a fix...

I thought I fixed this already? Did you upgrade to prerelease by clicking the down arrow next to Check for Update?

If it doesn't work with the latest prerelease, please click Support > Troubleshooting > Submit Diagnostics on the dvr web UI

I'm surprised you can't duplicate it on your Synology.

When trying to add an additional storage path, there's no way to get to the root directory.

When adding a local import path, you can click on the root folder at the upper left.

Yes but /volume2 should appear on the left regardless. As well as /satashare and /volumeUSB

I don't have a volume2 on my synology to test with.

I don't either, but I have a /volumeUSB1 that doesn't appear.
Had to zoom out to fit it in the screenshot.

and here's the results of http://x:8089/filesystem?path=/

disks from http://x:8089/system
"disk": [
"device": "/dev/sdq1",
"mountpoint": "/volumeUSB1/usbshare",
"fstype": "vfat",
"opts": "rw,relatime"

and the usb drive picked from local content import picker

Does it appear in /system/disk and if so what's the fstype and opts

just added to my post above
It's only a 16GB thumb drive.
Maybe if I attach a 1TB or larger spinning hard drive it will show up?

Same results with a 160GB WD Black in a USB docking station.
"disk": [
"device": "/dev/sdq1",
"mountpoint": "/volumeUSB1/usbshare",
"fstype": "fuseblk.ntfs",
"opts": "rw,relatime"

Synology>Control Panel>External Devices

Could you submit diagnostics.