Stream Link - Episode Ordering

Love the Stream Links feature. Out of the box it seems to be "mis-ordering" the episode order.
I am seeing E1, E10, E11....Then E2, E21, E22 and so on.

If I rename the stream link files to for example:
S1E01.strmlnk, S1E02.strmlnk etc

They display in the expected order. Am I missing a setting? Is there a method to display them in order without having to rename all the files?


Which list are you referring to, on what device/platform/app?

I am using links from here:

I have only setup CBS-AA at this point.
The server is windows 10 and I am using the web browser UI.
I just checked a client box (Shield 2019) and it is properly ordering the episodes that I checked.

Okay, so on the web UI when you click into a show, there's a list of seasons on the left but the episodes on the right are not sorted by episode number?


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Looks like it's sorting on the text string, rather than number.

Can you submit diagnostics from your DVR web UI


I should add in case I was not clear - If a series has less than 10 episodes per season the episodes are ordered correctly.

Thanks, I’ll check out your diagnostics. This should actually work and I’m seeing it work like it should on my own server.

I’ll let ya know what I find.

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The latest pre-release should have this sorting resolved.

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Just tested. Looks good. Thanks for tracking it down!

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