Stream Links for iTunes movies not working

I’m having some trouble getting the stream links feature to work for some new movies I got on iTunes. I used the process outlined in the original experimental thread. Went to the Apple Marketing Tools site and copied the link. Once the stream link file was in place and scanned in, I went back to the TV app, but while the files showed up, the links didn’t work. I checked, and the URL does follow the correct format. Any ideas?

Most of my links work, but a few either link to the wrong movie or show the movie as not purchased. So iTunes links are not perfect. You can take the .strmlnk file and attempt to open in a web browser outside of channels. To create my links, I used terminal Mac program with the echo command and messed up a few files with extra spaces in terminal or misspellings of .strmlnk. I made a note to self: check the file extension spelling! Remember to save the file in the Channels/Imports/Movies or TV directory (folder).

Yeah...I've checked, and the links do work in the browser. But when I attempt to scan them into Channels and check it on the server, it pops up with a 404 not found notice. Everything seems to be spelled right...

Figured this one out. I had to change the promotional asset settings to "Global" and "Smart TVs...", then selected the general content link from the dropdown, and it worked.

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