Streaming issues on mycloud duo


I am using a mycloud home duo and everything had been working fine. The last few days no streaming outside of the network. It just buffers and eventually will get runner unavailable. If I try to stream a recording it just keeps buffering. When this happens I have the same thing happen in the home. If I reboot the server everything works great until I try to steam outside of my network. I have t got any new equipment or changed any settings.


What kind of HDHomeRun are you recording from?

Are you streaming from the Channels app or web UI?


I am using the Quattro and channel app


I was able to reproduce this issue. We are working on a fix.


Ok thanks


A fix is available in the latest DVR pre-release. To update, see Frequently Asked Questions


Is this beta stable enough to be using as my main DVR




Thanks I did the beta update and seems to have solved my problem