Strmlnk generator

Does strmlnk generator work with movies?

What strmlnk generator?
This one doesn't .strmlnk generator

Is there more than one strmlnk generator?


The old Streamlink Generator from above is outdated and a lot of it doesn't work anymore. It was a Proof of Concept that @tmm1 created hoping someone would pick up the slack and build it out for real. Lacking the necessary skillset, sadly that will not be me. But @beyo77 seems to have taken up the mantle!

Currently I'm ill, so not able to work and focus, sorry :frowning: Maybe in few days

Hahaha, no pressure, not trying to guilt you over a free solution you are putting your hard-earned time and skills in to!

I think I should charge for it 9$ but only people like @slampman or do some geo-location detection and made it free only for European and Australians :slight_smile: From what I read on different topics people here tries to be very hostile specifically against me :frowning:

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Charge what you like and if you are so offended with comments on here then maybe you shouldn't post on a forum. You should consider starting a blog where people can't comment. That might protect you "persecution"