Stuttering issues after tvOS 13

I am having the same issues on 2 of my apple tvs. However I am using the hdhomerun prime.
This is recent and appears to have started with the TVOS 13 update.

Please submit diagnostics

The speed is consistent and even when the video is choppy or stops, the results remain the same.
If I restart the appletv, the stutter will go away for ~8-12 hours.

Are you using ATV4 or ATV4K?

Did you submit diagnostics from the app after seeing the stuttering issue?


I did not. Will submit that later tonight.

I'd also like to chime in and say that I am having the same issue. There is noticeable occasional stuttering from all channels, both OTA (via an HDHomeRun Connect Quatro) and TVE, and in both live TV and recorded content. I confirmed that the stuttering I am seeing is definitely from the tvOS video player in Channels, because I tried playing back one of the recordings that was stuttering on the Apple TV, over DLNA to my LG TV, and it was perfectly smooth, no stuttering. I am using Channels on the ATV 4K on tvOS 13, connected to an LG C9 TV. I just submitted diagnostics a few minutes ago as well. If there is anything I can help test via TestFlight, let me know!

Can you try playing over DLNA on the ATV4 itself, via the VLC app?

Does the VLC or InstaTV app stutter playing live tv?

@JWort93 It looks like you're running the tvOS 13.2 beta which is likely unoptimized and causing your performance issues. We do not recommend running tvOS betas.

True, on the Apple TV that I sent the diagnostics from, I am running 13.2, however I also have another ATV 4K that is running the stable build of tvOS 13, and it experiences the same issue. I will send some diagnostics from it shortly.

Oddly, I can't seem to reproduce it on the other ATV 4K right now, but I know it happens there as well, because that actually where I first noticed it, this morning, on the same recording that I sent the log file from on the other Apple TV earlier this evening. If I reproduce it again on that ATV in the future, I will send logs again.

Okay, I played back the same recording this morning on the Apple TV 4K, that is running stable tvOS 13, and it was stuttering again. I have sent diagnostic logs. I then played the file via VLC and the Plex app (with enhanced video player turned on), and it didn't stutter on either of those applications. It's possible that it comes and goes with those applications as well though.

Not seeing anything out of the ordinary in the logs.

How would you describe the stuttering? The player shows no frames being dropped, nor any pauses for buffering.

Does hitting pause for a few seconds and then resuming make any difference?

How about if you go to the Settings tab and change Audio Driver to Experimental.

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I also haven't had the issue the past day. Essentially it pauses; sometimes stutters, sometimes picks up a few seconds later, and at times will not pick back up without closing out of the app and restarting the appletv. Once it happens again, I will send in the diagnostics.

It looks like frame drops to me. The video isn’t pausing, or buffering or anything, it just like skips a bit in slow panning or fast moving shots. I’ll try to capture a video of it. Sounds like we’re both actually having different issues though.

I also have the same issue with the stuttering. I reboot the Apple TV 4k and it goes away. It doesn't do it that often.

I have not had any issues in the past ~10 days.
The only thing I changed was the ability to stream outside the home network.

I will re-enable and retest.


I also get this when watching Live TV. If a rewind 10 seconds it will then play it perfectly without any stutter. So basically I have to stay at least 10 seconds off live. Annoying, but at least it resolves the issue for me.

What is strange, you could rewind another 10 seconds and then it will be stuttering again on Pans and then you go back another 10 seconds and it’s fine again. It is as if you possibly haven’t landed on an ‘I’ frame.

P.S. No issue when using VLC