Support for other hardware other than HDHR?


From the offset Channels has been a
ATV app to stream from the HDHR devices. It seems you and SD have parted and gone your desperate ways as you’re now building your own DVR. Do you have any plans to start supporting other hardware other than just the SD HDHR devices. As an example, VBox @home is another example of were you could partner up with a hardware manufacturer to deliver live TV to the ATV.
Either that or go into hardware production yourselves :slight_smile:

VBox supports M3U, so you could now use these tuners with our new BETA: Custom Channels via M3U Playlists feature.

See VBox_TV_Gateway_-How_To-_Setup_XBMC_IPTV_Simple_Live_TV_Add-on_1.0.pdf


I’d love you to support eyetv Netstream. I’ve had to revert back to their box and app, after moving to a house where Freeview reception is non-existent. Their software is clunky and is a pain to setup on each AppleTV. I loved your interface and everything about the app - I just can’t use it anymore :pensive:

Are you using the Netstream 4C sat>ip, or something else?

Apologies for the delay, yes I’m using the netstream 4s.

Would dearly love to get this working in Channels. For the brief time I used channels (with Hd Homerun) it was a million times better than the netstream app on tvOS.

Take it there’s no way of getting Channels to work with Netstream 4s?

I believe you can use the Custom Channel feature with the Netstream's SAT>IP server to get your channels into Channels.

Tuners from Tablo hardware can be integrated now too:

Any idea how? I’d love to get this working!

The docs specifically mention how SAT>IP might be used. The following links directly to the SAT>IP section, but the whole document is worth a read:

Ok, I’ve had a go at this… and I’m completely lost. Haven’t a clue.

I’ve got the devices description but can’t find an .m3u url exposed anywhere. I’m stumped… anyone had any success and can give some really simple steps to get this working?

The netstream used to offer m3u, but it was removed at some point. It is not compatible with SAT>IP protocol and uses a custom mix of HTTP and RTSP for streaming.

There is no way to make this work with Channels at the moment

Don't know if this would work (I no nothing of Nestream and versions of it), but search at github showed:

Talks of generating your own m3u ?