BETA: Custom Channels via M3U Playlists

In the latest DVR pre-release, we've added initial support for M3U playlist sources.

This can be used to add your own MPEGTS/HLS streams into Channels, from sources like your IP Cameras, web cams, SAT>IP equipment, TVHeadend, etc.

We've added a few extended tags to allow you to dress up your sources a bit in the case that there's no guide data.

Read the docs for all the details, and share your experiences below!


This is awesome. If we can eventually get XML guide data support it will be perfect.

Did a quick test on a tsk4k 128gb sd card on the usb c port. Set up DVR server to sd card added TVE, Locast and a test m3u using the text option. It took me almost 10min but finely got it done. Result is one device running DVR and client with TVE, locast and m3u channels all working fine. Thanks great work.

Has promise....

And a quick question....if the M3U specifies an XMLTV file should it work to populate the guide?

Specifies how and where?

I'm learning here so it may have been a dumb question.....
The M3U I'm using starts with

#EXTM3U url-tvg="" x-tvg-url=""
#EXTINF:0 channelID="5f62dc3a71bc8b0007572fb0" tvg-chno="0.0" tvg-name="Forensic Files 2" tvg-id="0.0" tvg-logo="" group-title="HDHomeRun PlutoTV,Forensic Files 2
#EXTINF:0 channelID="5d02dd65a9aa6c5f977bb1e8" tvg-chno="2.0" tvg-name="WatchFree Movie Binge" tvg-id="2.0" tvg-logo="" group-title="HDHomeRun PlutoTV,WatchFree Movie Binge

The Guide database section of the gui did show an extra lineup count when the new source was added.

Thanks for the example.

It doesn't happen automatically, no.

But you can:


So I added the XML and mapped the channels but there is no guide data. I get the channel logos though.

Keep up the great work.

Please submit diagnostics. If you can email a copy of the m3u and xmltv to [email protected] that will also be helpful.



Files were sent also.


so how do you add an rtsp camera? i picked mpeg-ts, added the local url and it says 0 channels. how do i make it appear on the guide since it obviously doenst have a guide.



Same here....

In the log I only see a prune msg for XMLTV-CUSTOM....don't see any Fetch log.

If it says 0 channels then the m3u you added is not valid. Please share the contents of the m3u file you're trying to add.

maybe i got confused since the docs says rtsp support under mpeg-ts. im adding a local rtsp url that is not wrapped in m3u, its a simple rtsp://xxxx url.

i guess it needs to be inside an m3u?

Yes, you would need to select Text and enter:


Please share diagnostics and email us the m3u/xmltv so we can help.

Fixed in v2020.11.16.1643

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You guys are awesome! The XML now works great. I will keep testing and post if anything comes up.

This is working great now on v. 2020.11.16.1747. Thank you!

anyone else see that once an iptv source is added, tve sources on then clients dissapear?

ive had 2 ota and 2 tve sources, when i add iptv to the server, the tve sources disappear from the clients and the iptv source is not shown. if i remove the iptv source, the tve sources come back. they dont disappear from then server though.