Support for third party remote - TiVo Bluetooth remote?

Not sure if anything like this is possible would it be possible to add support for third party remote? I admit I'm a TiVo convert and really miss the functionality of the TiVo remote was just thinking it would be great if that could somehow be added to Channels. I believe their is a Bluetooth version of TiVo remote although there multiple others including some with their own USB dongle. Thoughts?

What device are you trying to use the remote with?

FireTV which has Bluetooth support although I would consider Android TV box if third party remote could be added. Beyond the device supporting the remote, I would think channels would need to have some way to map or configure buttons. I realize it may not be plug and play but it would make the DVR experience better for end user. Thanks for considering it.

Many third party remotes already work with FireTV and Android TV, and Android TV will recognize many of the buttons and map them to standard Android key codes which the app understands.

Harmony Companion reportedly supports Fire TV. Can Channels DVR app be configured or is option in Channels app to map the buttons so that pushing the "Guide" button on remote brings up the EPG, DVR opens DVR, 30 sec skip, etc? I don't mind programming the remote if there is an option to configure Channels app so that it will work. Does Channels app support keyboard commands which could be mapped to a remote?

The skip buttons should work already. Here are the current mappings available:

PGUP: channel up
PGDOWN: channel down
[: seek to last commercial marker
]: seek to next commercial marker
BACKSPACE: jump to last channel
SPACE: pause/resume

Clicking Guide in the player should bring up the in-player guide. Clicking numbers on the Guide tab should navigate to an entry in the guide.

Thank you. I will probably get a Harmony remote and let everyone know how it works out with Channels. Sort of doubt you'd know the answer but figured I'd ask. Tivo sells a remote with a USB Bluetooth dongle. Is there anyway that could be configured or buttons to be remapped in a Channels DVR config file to work?

Not sure how those work, but I'm guessing it might be recognized by Android OS. You can try google to see if anyone has tried using it with an Android TV device.