Support on Fire Tablet or any Tablet other than an Ipad?


Is Channels supported on a Fire Tablet? I'd like to use a tablet, hopefully not an Ipad, to go through shows, channels and set up the recording schedules/passes. Not to view or as a DVR.


Not at the moment. But you can use to schedule from your tablet or any other device with a browser


Thanks! Works for me.


Not sure if something in Channels has changed since tmm1's reply or possibly in the Fire Tablet OS....or maybe I'm just lucky, but I was able install and run the Channels DVR app (from the Google Play store) on my Fire Tablet. I am able to view the guide, schedule recordings, and watch recordings as well as live TV. Everything works as well as it does on my PC. For reference I am using a Fire HD 10 (7th Generation) running Fire OS


Channels for Android/Fire phones and tablets was released in November: