Swipe Left or Right for Channel Surfing

Currently, there’s nothing assigned for swiping left or right on the Apple TV remote, is it ok to add this in the next release? I really think swiping left or right for channel surfing can be very useful. Right now, there are too many clicks and swipes before changing channels. Channel surfing can sometimes be fun and easy. Hope you can consider to implement this soon.

Thanks in advance.

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The Siri remote is just too sensative to assign functions like changing channels to swipes. We’re just not willing to do it.

See the complaints everyone has with DirecTV Now about this.


I’ve recently worked on the ease of this for all the football I watch and the best way I’ve found is adding channels to favorites. Then you can just swipe down while watching and it’ll show you what is on those channels. It also keeps playing what you are currently watching while you look. I’ve also used the play/pause double tap shortcut for switching to the previously watched channel a ton since football has started. Just thought I’d share my two cents on a couple things I’ve used recently!


I do exactly what @annihilatethee does. Add all the channels anyone in the house watches to favorites, and then use double play to go back to the previous channel to swap between games.

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How about swiping left or right displays the ‘now/next’ overlay for the next channel/s and then selecting that channel changes to the corresponding channel?


I like this idea. Would the developers consider this alternative?


Hmm…I actually do like DirecTV Now’s Apple TV remote swipe feature, and that’s why I was hoping to see this channel surfing swipe feature in Channel ATV app. After 9 hours in office and 2 hours commute, sometimes, it feels better to just channel surfing by swiping. Often times, I am just curious about what’s on “every” channel, easy channel surfing swipe maneuver serves the purpose. It’s just so easy! Pulling down the favorite tab and do many steps to swipe and click is too cumbersome. Again, maybe it’s just me. Is it possible to provide an "option? It doesn’t have to be default. Hope you can re-consider it!

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It would be nice to add controls to change channels previous/next from channels app and also in control center, similar to any music app.

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DTVN is becoming much stable recently and you cannot give its example to implement next/previous swipe controls in Channels App.

I cancelled my years long Tivo service for your App and use it on all Apple products.

Please add the functionality.

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The Siri remote is super sensitive. Everything else I’m happy with.

I’m cutting off my cable, and using DTVN and I HATE this. I’d hate it equally in Channels.

Not everything is one size fits all. This feature could be enabled optionally, not a default feature. Some folks want it, some folks don’t. Make it available, so anyone can choose to enable it.

Atleast add this feature on iOS as optional. I use OTA and will be easy to change the favorite channels.

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I hate the new Apple TV remote. So many times I just pick up the remote or try to stick it in my pocket and it starts doing things I don’t want. I can see maybe a swipe followed by and actual button press to confirm being a good option (that you can disable/enable), , but never just a swipe. I agree completely with the developers’ decision here.

I have DirecTV Now on my ATV4K and swiping left/right to channel surf is GREAT, IMO. There’s no reason why you can’t add this as an optional feature that is turned off by default.


Now that we get 100's of channels thanks to TVE, Its time to add Swipe Left or Right to change the channels in featured requests. Its time consuming to perform multiple clicks just to change the channel.

Like I said 2 years ago, this is a very desirable feature, this feature doesn't need to be turned on by default which could make some or most users unhappy. If the developers make this as optional, it'd be very nice. Some people really want or enjoy Channel surfing.

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@tmm1 @maddox Please check this.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but there's no current plans to implement channel surfing by swiping.