Switch between local and remote DVR

I've got two instances of DVR running, one local (site A) and one remote (Site B), with only the remote one with "remote DVR enabled". Both sites are functioning, but from Site A I cannot force it to connect to the remote, site B. Using tvOS or iOS and going to settings and clicking on Channels (which has the local IP of the DVR), it asks if at Home or Away. Choosing away and authenticating it still goes back to the local server.
My question is do you consider this functioning by design, or should we be able to switch between DVRs? Ideally this would be very useful to be able to switch between sites.

This is a known issue. Remote connections rarely work if a local DVR is discovered.

Have you tried unchecking Enable Bonjour Discovery on the Site A DVR web UI?

May have to restart the client after that.

I didn't try that because I still want to be able to use the local server (ideally without manually typing in the IP every time). It would be really useful if selecting Home or Away would actually give you the appropriate result.