Switch to TVE if all tuners in use?

Hi. LOVE Channels DVR. I have a HDHR 3 channel tuner. I ran a test last night and set 7 recordings at the same time all on Cable channels to see if Channels DVR would react to an "all tuners in use" condition and automatically adjust and record the show on the TVE channel. This didn't happen. I could have manually set the recordings to record from the TVE channels, but I wanted to see if Channels would do that automatically. Was this an unrealistic expectation? Log says "all tuners in use" when it got to the 4th recording and it didn't complete more than 3 recordings since I only have a 3 tuner HDHR device.

It should work that way, but doesn't appear to - i have the same issue mostly among non-TVE tuners, but it's essentially the same issue.

If you manually created a one-off recording, I believe presently it creates that recording for a particular channel. Since the DVR believed you wanted it recorded on the cable channel only, it didn't attempt to record from the TVE source.


ok, so the theory is if I had Passes for all the recordings that the Pass has logic to detect an "all tuners in use" condition and switch to the companion TVE streaming channel?

As long as you do not indicate a specific tchannel then yes.

Correct. If you look at the scheduled recording in the DVR > Schedule tab on server web UI, to the right it will indicate which channels the recording may use when it actually records. Recordings scheduled from the guide as a one-off will only have the channel you selected the program from when scheduling the recording listed, while Passes may have multiple channel numbers listed.

It's a known limitation, but a good solution hasn't been found yet.