Switching between multiple At Home DVR servers

I like the fact the iOS app now saves and remembers the DVR IP addresses you connect to.

My only issue is it doesn't remember the port number.

Using iOS Beta 5.25.132

My DVR's are at;

I can connect to and save, then connect to and save by entering the IP:Port.

When I try to reconnect to the last one used ( it instead goes to

I then manually enter and save it but every time I select to connect to the saved entry (it just displays IP and no port) it connects to instead.

Same issue with and

It does work great when using Tailscale since we don't enter port numbers for the Tailnet IP addresses.

Good catch will fix

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Tailscale is amazing!

Try new beta

Works great!
Figures that I have 4 servers and it only remembers the last 3. But it does remember custom ports.

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I love this new feature. Fantastic.

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I wish we could also switch between one At Home server and one Remote server without having to authorize the app for the remote connection every time you switch...

You can if you use the integrated Tailscale feature for remote access.
You would switch to the remote server by choosing Connect At Home and using its Tailnet IP address (like
And that Tailnet IP address can be entered and saved on the client.

Thanks. Will I loose speed in the connection to the remote server if it goes through the Tailscale VPN?

You wont know until you try it. Every setup is unique.
Here's the Tailscale topic thread

Ive noticed a repeatable client crash on both android (on my firestick) and ios, tvos of the beta apps using this feature. On firestick without this new feature - with a manual input of the address change.
It happens after you switch at home ip addresses, doesn’t necessarily have to be tailscale ips.

After switching servers, the first play of any station, the app crashes.

Very consistently the next time you run the client app and play the station and others works fine.

Seems to be after the first switch of ip addresses.

I did send a crash debug info from my ipad yesterday when i noticed it.
And just submitted diagnotics from the apple tv