Sync Favorites

4 iOS devices and 3 Apple TV… I would love the ability to sync favorites.

Best way to do this for now is via The favorites will be set on your HDHomeRun and get imported the first time you install and run the app.

So to sync up would I have to remove and add back the HDHR or uninstall and reinstall the Channels application on my devices?

You would need to uninstall and reinstall Channels.

We know this sucks and plan to improve favorites syncing this year.

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Curious if there’s been any updates to this? I’m running three Apple TVs and this would be a ha day feature.


I just tried the uninstall / reinstall on my iPhone, and it didn’t sync my favorites. I’ve got a Connect and a Prime HDHR, but for some reason on some iOS devices my favorites don’t seem to sync from the DVR.

Syncing favorites should also include syncing the order. Having to move the favorites around to be in the same place across half a dozen+ iOS devices and Apple TVs gets old very quickly. Ideally...using iCloud for storing favorites information AND order.

Huge pain point in what is otherwise a great setup experience.

What do you mean by syncing order?

You can change the order of the favorites, so those that are your favorite favorites are listed first. (Or perhaps you want them in alphabetical order as opposed to being sorted by channel number. Or maybe .... You get the idea.)

I keep learning new things! My Favoriting was done via the HDHR, so didn't even know you can re-order.

I just found out it does not pull from HDHomeRun after I change the HDHomeRun. You said in Jan 18 that you planned to improve syncing this year. Did anything happen where I need to change a setting? I like the idea of being able to have some Apple TV's with there own favorites. But would be nice to have an option to have it resync with the DVR/HDHomeRun.

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With addition of TVE I’m having a really hard time keeping favorites synced across all devices. It would really be great to just have a simple button to click on the clients to say sync to DVR server.

Workin’ on it :hugs:

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