Synology DS218

Would this be sufficient for DVR and commercial indexing? Thank you in advance.

Yes. It will not support transcoding for remote viewing however.

but the DS218+ will? is that the only major difference?

Correct. The 218+ has an Intel CPU which is more powerful

I was looking at the DS218play. It mentions that it does transcoding but no mention of Quick Sync… would it be OK for remote viewing?

No the DS218play uses a proprietary transcoder that we do not support

OK thanks. DS218+ it is then!

let me know where you buy it from, i have been watching it on amazon for a bit and it hasn’t moved from its $299 price

I’m in the UK so can’t get it that cheap! The exchange rate makes it about $370 over here…

@tmm1 would you recommend the DS718+ over the DS218+?

They’re basically the same IIRC. If you plan to use a lot of storage the extra bays could be useful.

Well, it’s a month on and thought I’d provide a quick update in case anyone else searches for the DS218+

I now have it set up with two WD Red drives and it seems to be performing really well. The only downside of the NAS was that by default the fan stays on all the time. Given that it was in the TV room it was still audible when there was no other background noise. However, I manged to find out how to change the DSM config file so that the fan now goes off when it’s not doing anything.

I have to say that the Channels software has so far performed almost flawlessly, with just a small glitch when trying to watch HD channels using the web interface.

I’ve had a few issues with SiliconDust’s HDHR5-4DT (UK), whereby it seems to get a problem that makes watching Live TV impossible. However, restarting the device seemed to remove the issue. Given this situation, I was wondering if it’s possible to do a restart of the device from the NAS? Anyone know of a script that would do this, or set it to reboot periodically?

Anyway, I’m sufficiently impressed that I’ve cancelled my cable TV contract!

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Mine is very quiet but I have the fan on the lowest setting. Did you upgrade the ram? I’m thinking getting the 4GB stick upgrade. I’m about to setup channels dvr and infuse very soon!

I also had the fan on the lowest setting - and agreed it wasn’t unbearable. However, I thought I’d do my bit for the planet and turn it off when not required. I think Synology are probably being overcautious for those that are pusing the NAS harder than I am.

Given that it’s not doing much more than TV and some back-ups for me, I didn’t bother upgrading the memory. It seems just fine with the standard 2GB configuration.

I have novice questions about the NAS. Mod, I figured that this would be a good place to ask, if not feel free to split this off or let me know to repost.

I got it basically to run Channels Plus so I just used all the defaults when I set it up. I don't have any "valuable" data and to be perfectly honest I have files on my WD Mycloud NAS that I probably can do without. I do manual backups on a separate USB drive from time to time.

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS218+

WD Red 4TB NAS Hard Drive
5400 RPM Class SATA 6 Gb/s 64MB Cache
3.5 Inch - WD40EFRX

I tried to read the Users Guide but it was too technical for me and I could not decipher if the answer was there.

  1. thinking about adding a second drive. when I look at the control panel/info center/storage tab I see that under Volume 1 it shows SHR. if I add a drive am I locked into SHR or will I get a chance to change it to JBOD, which if I understand things will allow me to use it as a separate drive instead of linked.

  2. external drives USB or eSata.
    2a. how do I do this? powered or unpowered?
    2b. can I use devices that are compatible with my Windows computer or is a different format required?

I had the misfortune of using USB devices on some non-WIndows platforms only to find that when going back to a Windows computer I get device errors. usually Windows can fix the errors, but in two instances it rendered the USB device as unreadable/unrecognized and a total loss.

You could add another drive as a separate volume. Or you could delete your SHR volume and recreate as RAID0 or JBOD.

Some Synology systems allow hooking up an Expansion via eSata, but I don't think the DS218+ has that option. External drives should be USB, don't need to be powered, the synology can power it. You should use a linux filesystem such as ext4 if you want permissions to transfer correctly and enable linux tools such as rsync.

thanks for replying

drives I understand, volumes not so much.

I understand that I need to get to RAID0 or JBOD, the problem is that when I look at the DSM and I use their help app, it says to open the storage manager app/storage pool tab. it then says to select a storage pool then click change raid type. there is no provision to select a storage pool and the only option available in the drop down is change settings. change raid type is greyed out.

so far I have not been able to find the correct path through Synology documentation.

DS218+ does have an eStata port. I don't think I would use it for expansion but use it for faster transfer of data.

I believe that some of the problems that I have had in the past is using drives between windows devices and linux devices. this is leading me to think that I shouldn't use those ports but rather transfer between NAS's and between NAS to other drives through a windows computer.

You cannot change raid type from SHR to RAID0 or JBOD. You would need to completely remove the volume and recreate with these raid types. If you keep it as SHR, a second drive will be a mirror.

On a DS218+, you cannot use an external drive, wether eSATA or USB, to expand the existing volume. It will be an additional external volume. This would be a good place for NAS backups, which are also a good idea, but even more so if you are going to be doing JBOD or RAID0. You should format the external as ext4, since it allows you to move files between the volumes without filesystem permission issues.

Additionally, the eSATA is for connecting to a DX517. This would allow you to add 5 drives, but as a separate volume. It is not intended to attach a single drive.

The Expansion Option for DS218+ is a DX517