Tailscale Issues

I have two homes running Channels DVR, both are running Tailscale. I’m attempting to switch between a local DVR and a Remote DVR. I'm logged into the AppleTV with the same account, maybe this has something to do with my issues..?

I delete all AppleTV Channels Apps and install the beta.

  • I first have to connect to my local dvr in order to get to settings to turn on Tailscale. I’m not sure how I’d turn on Tailscale if I was away from home without a DVR to setup. I use the local IP and it connects.

  • After I connect to my local DVR, I set up Tailscale, and switch the connect to the remote Tailscale IP. The setup screen shows the remote Tailscale ip but when I switch to the guide I still see the local DVR channels.

  • Exit Channels and come back in it presents the setup screen “Learn More”, “Connect”, “Help”. At that point I can’t select any of the buttons and I need to quit Channels.

  • Restarting Channels I get the setup screen. I enter the Tailscale remote ip again, it shows on the setup screen, but the guide is still my local dvr.

  • No matter what I do I Channels forgets the ip and I have to set it up each time I start Channels. If I leave channels with the initial local ip then it remembers the ip.

  • Can there be an easier way to switch between DVRs? I know most people only have a single DVR but it sure would make it easier. :slight_smile:

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I don't believe Tailscale support is available yet for tvOS:

Edit: As noted below, I was incorrect. Thanks for the clarification @Rice .

I don't use an AppleTV, but use an iPhone and iPad with tailscale.
If you have two Channels DVR accounts, that may be your issue.

I have one account and four DVR servers.
I can connect to each one with tailscale by selecting Connect at Home and entering the tail IP for any of my servers. This works with either tailscale for iOS or the built-in tailscale on the Channels DVR iOS app.

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